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I found the new Beauty Intern at Onya Magazine!

As you might have read, Onya and myself were on the lookout for a new Beauty Intern to fill my shoes, and after plenty of fantastic applicants, we settled on one delightful and talented girl. Guess who we found? Katie Found!

To find out more, read on here.




Exciting News!

Woo hoo! Pop the champas and raise your cupcakes because I am thrilled to bits to tell you all that I am the new Beauty Intern at Onya Magazine!

The Beauty Chief herself, the fabulous Gaynor Alder, today made the news official, announcing both myself and Beth Keamy to the Onya Beauty Team.

Onya Magazine, headed by Ed Sandi Sieger, is a fantastic online (soon to be print) magazine that showcases the best of what Australia has to offer; writers, businesses, products, places, politics, music, art, fashion, sport and more! A truly interesting read, it has something for everyone.

I am beyond excited to be chosen as part of the Onya team, and very proud to be ticking a box off on my Am I There Yet? list. To be able to complete an internship while at university in my gorgeous home-city Melbourne is a dream come true, because as anyone who is trying to make it in this world knows; Sydney is where it’s at, generally.

Thank you Sandi and Gaynor, I look forward to the exciting times ahead!

A day at PRIMPED & a Letter(s) to Juliet

Yesterday I flew up to Sydney to do a little spot of work experience at PRIMPED aka ‘The go-to for the how-to’ of beauty. When I say flew up, I mean; arrived at the airport to discover the flight I had booked actually left yesterday morning.

Ohhh. Can anyone say ‘calender skillz’? So a new flight was re-booked (ouch) and I was on my way.

The PRIMPED team of Editor Yasemin and Beauty Writer Cherie are just the bees knees of friendliness, as are their funky online sisters, The Knot, and Younger You.

It’s a nice little progression isn’t it? PRIMPED for all your on-trend beauty advice, making you such a babe guys are falling at your feet proposing (and for your rockin’ personality too). Cue The Knot, for all  your wedding needs, and then Younger You comes in to keep you looking as fresh as the day you said ‘I do’. Thanks guys!

After the office day was over, Yas, Hayley, Cherie and I went to go get the cinema for PRIMPED’s first advanced screening competition organised.

The film was Letters to Juliet, the cinema was purple (how fitting!) and the gift bags were readied. Guests had Revlon to thank for those; the small bag packed a punch with the amount of cool prodz jammed inside.

The goody bags full of Revlon, Blistex etc!

While the film had a few cringe-worthy-yet-cute moments, it was great viewing and the night was a big success. I’m sure the competition winners would have been happy with their loot!

Cherie & I (left) getting ready to hand out the bags.

If you want to see the rest of the PRIMPED Screening Pics, go here.

Thanks to the PRIMPED team for having me again!


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