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SNF: Rock Chick

SNF? Saturday Night Files! Things such as hair/makeup techniques, things I do or get done before an event of some sort on the weekend. Yay!

On Saturday night, I had a “rock stars & groupies” themed 21st, which is all fun and fine and dandy except that personally, I am about as rock chick as a watermelon is dry. Give me a Betty Draper party any day!

I know the whole point is to dress up and step out of your comfort zone, but having run out of time to create a Kiss-esque killer costume, I figured I’d work the modern-day rock chick look; dark smokey eyes and voluminous bedhead hair – hopefully more Erin Wasson than Ke$ha.

Another set-back in my grand plan to look all grungy yet alluringly attractive is that … yes, confession time … I’m really pretty average at doing a smokey eye. And by pretty average I mean quite bad, no many how many articles I read or tutorials I watch. I know the principals and the how-to’s and when I do them on other people, they’re above average and they look fantastic yet on myself, it’s all wrong. (I like to blame my eye shape!)  This all spirals in to one big (proper, no just a bit of smudged eyeliner) smokey eye aversion – my belief that it looks bad leads to a lack of practice which follows on to my dislike of it on myself when someone actually does it correctly because I’m not used to my eyes so dark. And it must stop! Man smoke up woman! Bad beauty blogger!

And, if I do say so myself, I think Saturday night’s attempt turned out great for my Level 1 standards! (Yes it’s quite tame in terms of rock and roll but baby steps people, baby steps.)

A special thanks goes to out to Jane Iredale’s PurePressed Eyeshadow in ‘Silver Lining’, you had an integral role in my success, with your shimmery trio of charcoal, silver and browny-purple to perfectly compliment my brown peepers! The mineral powder made blending easy-peasy and mistakes, of which there were a few, were easily disguised. I’ll definitely be bringing out this one next time I’m looking to do a proper smokey eye again, which will be soon – practice makes perfect!

Jane Iredale PurePressed in Silver Lining - winner!

Does anyone else have the same problem as me?
Do you blame your eye shape too? Ha! My poor eyes, taking the rap.
Anyone have some fail-proof tips?


UPDATED: Jane Iredale & InStyle Magazine Makeup Event

UPDATE: Put down your blush brush and step away from the mirror – I have some bad news. I heard news yesterday evening that unfortunately this event has had to be cancelled! Tears I know! But not to worry, Jane Iredale will be rescheduling the event sometime in the future, and when that happens – you’ll know. I’ll be shouting from the (blog’s) rooftop with joy. Until then, cry into your pillow. Silk of course, you don’t want to mess up the fab straightening you did last night!

Gather ’round and listen up gal pals, I have my seashell conch at the ready!

Do you like makeup? Especially makeup of the mineral variety? Enjoy a great girly night out, filled with canapes and champas, beauty and makeup tips and trends from not only one but two experts in the industry? Do you live in Melbourne? Do you like gift bags containing over $100 dollars worth of awesome prods? Would you really like to me to stop with the annoying redundant questions and just get to the freakin’ details already?! Yep, me too.

Jane Iredale, arguably the leading brand in mineral makeup (touted as the “skincare makeup”) is holding an exciting makeup event, hosted by JI’s New York mega-makeup artist Kevin Mendelson, and InStyle’s Beauty Editor Alexis Elia. Both beauty stars will be talking you through the latest trends for upcoming seasons, makeup techniques and styles.

You in? I am!

Here’s the fine print:

Where? The Como – Garganey Suite. 630 Chapel St, South Yarra. (Sorry non-Melbournites)

When? 5.30pm – 7pm, Tuesday 31st August.

Dollaz? $65 – but remember that goody bag and champas!

How long to mull over? Not sure why you’d want to, but make up your mind by the 26th August – sooner even, tickets might go!

Okay I’m in! Now what? Email or call 1300 993 788

Hopefully see you there!

Maxted Thomas PR Beauty Blogger Event

I was thrilled/stoked/excited adjective of your choice to be invited by Maxted Thomas PR to a beauty event exclusively for bloggers, held at Brad Ngata‘s salon in the trendy Sydney suburb of Surry Hills.

My guest, the gorgeous Ann-Alyce and I flew into Sydney in time for a lunch at Kawa (on Crown St.), a really cute cafe that apparently the new Mrs. Orlando Bloom likes to frequent when she’s in town. I’m guessing it’s due to the delish organic, bio-dynamic, free range etc. choices available! Sadly, eating lunch there did not transform me into Miranda’s identical twin nor make me Orlando’s wife – bummer.

Arriving at the famed Mr. Ngata’s salon I was greeted by the super lovely MTPR team, handed my name tag and a glass of champas and told to explore the salon, where I would find the MTPR brand stations. It was the house of beauty surprises! Every turn and climb of a seriously precarious staircase took me to a new brand. These, in no particular order were:

NIVEA: I was welcomed by the NIVEA team who had a very impressive hi-tech set up, complete with iMac computers and iPads. The friendly representatives gave presentations on their famous and extremely popular – as in 60,000 units A DAY popular – Q-10 range (something exciting is coming soon!) and sun protection – the best form of preventative anti-aging as you all know! The selection of Nivea Body Moisturisers took me right back to childhood where the scent of Nivea was a permanent fixture in my mum’s daily body care, and I’ve loved both the scent and the cream itself ever since.

Ann-Alyce and I at the NIVEA station (Pic: MTPR)

Jane Iredale was around the corner, where makeup artists were doing demonstrations and mini makeovers for the girls. I hadn’t previously had too much experience with JI, so to be able to touch, smell, try the products and speak to a knowledgeable rep was fantastic. My ‘done up’ eyes looked fantastic and I loved the illuminating powder. I’ve had other mineral makeup brands applied before but I would have to say Janie I. topped the lot. It felt like nothing at all on my skin, and had exactly the right amount of luminosity and coverage without being sparkly. It does impressive things camouflaging medical conditions such as rosacea and hyper-pigmentation and is definitely on my future look out for list.

My smokin' smokey eyes from Jane Iredale.

End result of mini-makeover at Jane Iredale.

Trilogy also attended, making moi over the moon. I was very keen to learn more about their products because if you’re a regular reader, or even just a random glancer, you’ll know I am nuts over their rosehip oil. Bonkers in love. Ranting and raving all over the place, even taking my declarations of love to the big US of A, convincing my Aunt to at least consider getting some shipped over! As far as my adoration for Trilogy’s rosehip oil goes, I had sadly never tried any of their other products, so I was happy to learn that there is now not only the regular rosehip oil range, but also an Age Proof and Sensitive Skin one too. Something for everyone!

Brad Ngata – The man himself. The salon wouldn’t have been the same without his uber stylish presence floating around. He whirled his tools on many of the girls, creating lush curls that looked like they would last all week. If my hair had have been in a more acceptable state (read: not hideously overdue for some TLC) I would have been overjoyed to have my tresses tended to by one of Australia’s best. Jeal-ous. It may have been my only opportunity; a haircut with the multiple award-winning Brad is $250. One can hope!

Benefit – The gorgeous Benebabes were out in force, waiting to make over bloggers and their guests. This was definitely one of the most congested areas of the salon, and for good reason. Benefit products are beautifully packaged, easy to use, super effective and most of all fun! Not to mention the girls themselves; they must put something in the water there because I have never come across a Benefit girl who has been nothing short of extremely lovely, which goes a long way in my books!

Orly – Last but not least, the team at Orly were on hand (ha!) to tend to our nails, and they did an amazing job. Each manicurist took their time to perfect each nail, rather than rushing everyone through. Their attention to detail was very appreciated as everyone marvelled over their gorgeous nails and compared shades. I am super excited for their new Summer collection, Orly Sweet. There are six candy-bright and colourful shades that made me wish even more that summer would hurry up! Unfortunately I had already had my nails done the day before – in Orly First Kiss – but I was offered a touch up on a chip and also one nail I had removed thanks to testing a fantastic gadget I’m planning to tell you about! I learnt a lot about the very interesting back story of the company. Did you know Orly’s creator, Jeff Pink invented the French Manicure? Go Jeff!

The busy Orly girls.

Getting my touch up!

It was an amazing day and I would like to thank Maxted Thomas for hosting it, and the attending brands for sharing their knowledge and samples. I think it’s really fantastic that Maxted Thomas recognise and appreciate the role of bloggers in the ever-evolving beauty industry, and it was a pleasure to be included.

I’ll be posting soon about the fantastic beauty treatment ‘after-party’ of sorts that was held at the Benefit Boutique in Paddington. Yay!

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