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Urban Remedy Detox Conclusion

So, it’s been a week and a half since I finished my three-day Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse, and if you were following, you’ll know I did a day-by-day diary of my feelings and progress. Don’t worry, I didn’t get too ‘Dear Diary’ on you all…

I just wanted to do a final ‘wrap up’ of my thoughts on the cleanse and also talk about some of the long-lasting results I’ve experienced since I caved to salmon sushi on the Friday night. Then I’ll shut up about juice, promise.

I’m not going to lie, drinking only juice and herbal teas/water for three days wasn’t easy – yet it definitely was not as hard as I was expecting. This is saying a lot from a self-confirmed food addict… oh yes, I’ve got it all, sugar cravings, carb cravings, eating when I’m not hungry just for the hell of it! Just call me Holly ‘baked goods’ Curtis. So I was seriously shocked at how okay I was. I even attended a morning of boot camp without any major dramas.

After my cleanse ended, I ate healthily all the next day – until Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday night! Turkey and salads and pies, oh my! While my plan was to stick to one serving, (instead of five like the previous year!) I did find that due to the number of different dishes we had, and wanting to try them all, I had one seriously overloaded plate. But come on, I was on juice, not hypnotised! So me being me, I ate it all! It wasn’t too unhealthy actually – turkey breast, (okay a touch of gravy) sweet potato, apple, salads, beans, rice…and then pies. Yes, plural; pumpkin, cherry and pecan pie. Safe to say I was bursting after that feast!

Sunday was normal and healthy, although I found that once I had started to eat again, I was HUNGRY, where as during the juice cleanse I could count the number of times I felt hungry on one hand. I thought, ‘After nothing for three days, surely this bowl of X would fill me up!’ but it was a bit the opposite. I kept it sensible though, and it was so easy to keep on track with healthy eating.

Monday came, and after a full 9 hours at work and 1 hour travel each way – I’d usually be wrecked. But, I was positively BURSTING with energy! I went for a run, did some writing, cooked dinner and did the washing. Super productive, and chirpy to boot. This was my favourite juice cleanse related day so far!

The rest of the week has been pretty great, but the one amazing thing I have noticed is… a massive reduction in my regular non-stop sugar/sweet-treat/carb cravings! Sure, I could look at some cake and think boy, you look like you want to get to know my insides, but, the urge wasn’t strong at all! It was more of a ‘meh, take it or leave it’ kind of feeling, which had me checking my forehead for a raging fever more than once. And, up until a few days ago, I hadn’t eaten any sweet treats. I did because I attended a lovely tea and cake party, held by the gorgeous Kim from Dream, Delight, Inspire. It would have been rude to deny, right? Of course! 🙂

And up until yesterday, I hadn’t had any coffee. I’m not a huge caffiene addict, it’s more the social ritual of it that I missed. So, I gave it a go and while there were no adverse reactions within my body, I do think it further lowered my resistance to my other vices. Enter Red Velvet cupcake at 3.30pm… I do regret it (mainly because the cupcake was so darn disappointing!) but also because I was so proud of the length of time I had gone without these kinds of things – a whole 9 days is a big deal for me! But, then again, I don’t want to be too fixated on these sorts of things, as life can’t be too regimented. Plus, I’d miss brownies way too much!

Overall, The Urban Remedy juice cleanse really opened my eyes up to what I never thought I could achieve, and was a fantastic kickstart to some healthier eating habits. I’m proud to say that I did it, and thrilled that I can actually resist chocolate and the like, which I never thought was possible for more than 2 days! It was a struggle at times (hey, you’re not sipping on mango and berry smoothies all day!) but an overall positive experience that resulted in a bit more energy, a flat stomach, reduced cellulite (yes, I’m telling the truth) reduced cravings, and no breakouts. I would definitely recommend it, especially for those of you who are looking for some fast results to kick start some healthier habits.

PS. I’m sure some of you are dying to hear about any weight loss experienced? Well while the cleanse isn’t aimed at being a weight loss program, you’re bound to loose some kg’s if you only drink juice for three days! (Of course, that’s not sustainable, that’s an eating disorder!) . The scales that I weighed myself on to begin with were different to the ones I weighed myself on after three days (oops!) but I’m approximating around 2-3 kg’s. My friend who was doing the cleanse with me reported a loss of 4kg’s, and I think it’s safe to say I’ve kept 1.5kg off.

So, there you have it, my final thoughts on the Urban Remedy juice cleanse!


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Urban Remedy Detox Diary: Day 3

What on earth am I going on about you ask? The Urban Remedy juice cleanse of course! Catch up on Day 1 and Day 2 of my three day cleanse if you need.

5.30am: Wake up early to get ready for boot camp. I was a bit hungry when I went to bed last night but no signs of hunger this morning. Hands check over face and stomach like yesterday, and still no breakouts. Phew. I do not need any more bouts of breakouts! Stomach is flat. Super flat, like back in year 9 when I was on the Athletics team. Added bonus!

5.45am: Drink the last half of last night’s #6 on the way to bootcamp. Feeling nervous about how I’ll go, as I decided not to exercise yesterday so I don’t know what to expect.

6.00am: It’s time. We start out with a jog to warm up and I feel okay.

6.15am: Have been told we are heading over to “the hill”. Oh shit, I know what that means. I struggle even after a proper meal the night before, let alone juices for two days… Nervous.

6.30am: Feeling fine, except I notice I don’t have as much power in my legs. I’m not passing out or dying or anything, I just don’t have as much strength or explosive power in my legs. Definitely can handle this, it’s just not ideal for training I suppose, as if I could work harder, I would probably burn more. Maybe I’m also scared of pushing it harder than I feel I can in case I get dizzy? That would be embarrassing!

7.00am: Not my best session, but I’ve still worked pretty hard on all muscle groups with a good 20-30 mins of hill running. Feel very proud.

8.30am: Ah! It’s my last day, and while I’m feeling good, there’s no denying I’m pretty excited to eat again! Sorry juices, you’ve been grand but you can’t be the real stuff. Drink #1 and pretend I hate raisin toast with butter…

10.30am: Start sipping juice #2. After a little post-bootcamp nap (quite normal) I am feeling better and juice #2 has certainly picked up my energy levels. Feeling great! I’m whizzing through some posts and feeling quite alert, nothing like last night. Eek, hope the bosses didn’t notice!

TIP: Pack a toothbrush in your handbag, your teeth get FURRY!

12.30pm: Ahh Mr. Beetroot #3, we meet again. Try to think of reasons why beetroot was included, come up with none apart from ‘it must be good for me’. Don’t finish the last quarter, bit over this one.

1.00pm: Need to sip more water. Feeling good.

2.15: #4, you’re not doing it for me so much this afternoon! The last two days I didn’t love you, yet you weren’t too much of a bother. I think I’m just getting over the idea of juice. Plus, I just made a series of cooking gaffes with my pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night. That, coupled with the fact that I can’t actually eat what I’m cooking for 24 hours have dampened my previously chirpy spirits. Look around and blame the first thing I see – juice.

3.00: So glad nannying has been cancelled, I just need to focus on these last few hours! I think I’ll organise a walk with a friend, get out and get movin’.

3.30pm: HOLY SHIT. My dimpled mounds aka bum cellulite is SO much better. I thought I noticed it on Day 2 but wasn’t sure if I was seeing things, and didn’t want to jinx it. But nope. This is real. I run and check in three different mirrors, and all signs point to YES. Majorly reduced cellulite!!! I would say about 70-80% better? Text friend and ask her if she has noticed the same, she replies yes, same results for her. Wooo hooooo.

4.00pm: Pull down jeans and show another friend my new smooth derriere and thighs. She is amazed and wants juice immediately. I can’t stop staring. In other un-cheeky news, I have a miso broth soup as I’m sick of both water and juice. It is on the approved ‘cheat’ foods list…

4.30pm: Feeling good, but a little grumpy as I pull out #5. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I just want food! Lucky #5 is fairly easy to drink.

7.30pm: Can’t even look at juice #6, and consider my cleanse basically completed….so I have some raw salmon sushi and sesame spinach. Technically naughty I know, but I was super proud to have done three days, considering how much of a huge appetite I normally have.

7.45pm: It’s official. FOOD IS WONDERFUL.

8.00pm: Feeling great!



Urban Remedy Detox Diary: Day 2

Hopefully you’ve read all about Day 1 and are well and truly up to speed with the juicy details!

7.45am: Wake up, and hands go straight to stomach and face. Fingers scan forehead and chin… any breakouts in protest? None! Smile. Also, I’m not hungry. Wait five minutes to be sure and again, not hungry!

8.30am: First Juice (same ones as yesterday) and it’s one of my favourites. I’m also sipping on Lipton’s Cranberry, Raspberry and Strawberry tea, which is also great once cooled when I get sick of plain water. Add some ice and it’s almost a cocktail… almost. Feeling much less fluid-y than yesterday. I think as it was my first day and I was taking in much more liquid than usual, I felt a little puffy. Maybe the sauna has helped me!

11am: Third juice. Feeling peppy and fine, barely hungry after juice #1. But I just went down the street.. oo bad idea. Walked past the bakery and saw fresh pies come out of the oven. Ouccchhh. Imagine myself rolling around in dough for the next five minutes.

12am: Energy burst, woo hoo! Loving life.

12.30am: Out and about doing errands and I didn’t bring my juice… Hrmm things are going to get delayed here! Walk past the foodcourt of a shopping centre. Ohhhh I want sushi and sandwhices and possibly a donut. No, I talk myself out of the donut but way keen for some soosh. Consider buying a Boost juice to top myself up, but want to do it right.

1.30am: Still no juice… but – I have my  30 min massage at Endota. Ohh how divine. I sink into the waiting room couches and try to unwind. Not really hungry but I sip on the green tea supplied and try again to begin to unwind. Slightly harder than I thought but then again, everything’s being analysed in you, diary!

2.15: My massage was amazing, especially as my back was a little sorer than usual. I also asked for my head to be included in the treatment, which was fantastic. Wish I’d upgraded my voucher to a one hour! The room was sensationally appointed and just the right amount of dimmed lighting thanks to a few tea light candles scattered about. Ahh good choice HC, Endota was just what I needed! Walk out feeling light and calm.

2.30pm: Remember that Saturday night is Thankgiving dinner and nearly yelp with excitement. Remind myself to be sensible and stick to one serve of everything, unlike last year’s five. Yes, five – true story.

3pm: Ahh, way past juice time but I’m home and it’s on to #3, the beetrooty one! It goes down a little easier than yesterday but I don’t finish the last few cm’s. As I’m getting ready for work at T&Co, I’m drinking much faster than usual, as well as some water so I feel a little bloated. I’m chirpy and  ready early and decide to sip #4 in the car on the way to work.

4pm: Sipping juice #4 on the way to work, enjoying it.

4.10pm: Ah! What’d I say yesterday about being more than 20m’s away from a bathroom at all times!! This is going to be a longgg ride.

5pm: Arrive at work, pop juice #5 and #6 into the fridge, wonder how I’m going to drink them both during my shift, I don’t think I get a break tonight.

7.30pm: Start to feel it, I need a juice or water or something… Too busy for me to duck out the back and skip over to the energy dense #6 juice.

7.45pm: Is it hot in here or just me? No, it’s usually pretty warm, especially with our suit jackets. Never feel dizzy but defnitely start to feel woozy in the head. Memory is suffering a little too. It seems a lot harder to smile, talk, smile some more and open clasps than usual. I was fine at work the other day.. then again, nannying is a lot less strenuous than here, with all the walking and bending down and up and down again and the constant smiling and engagement with customers. Plus, I’m two juices behind.

8.15pm: Break away from the crowd and run out the back to skull some of #6. Co-worker asks what I’m drinking and I quickly explain the Urban Remedy program and the cleanse process. She’s really interested and writes down the website. Come on #6, get in mah belly.

9.30pm: Finish work and whip out both my left over juices, sip both on the way home. I’m a bit nervous for boot camp tomorrow, Friday is usually our most strenuous day… Decide to save half of #6 for when I wake up tomorrow.

10.30pm: Exhausted. Open the bedroom door to see lovely boyfriend has organised a second massage of the day for me, complete with tea light candles on the bedside table. Aww. Thanks, I suppose my back is just as sore again, so I’ll accept the massage, but nothing else. No. I’m serious. Na-thing. Nope, don’t even ask.

11pm: Go to sleep dreaming of roast turkey.





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