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Get Germ-Free With Jurlique

Originally published on Onya Magazine.

These frosty days aren’t bluffing; Winter is well and truly on the way. Cue weather-whining from me, and flu-freakout from everyone else.

The last few years have seen a huge spike in the prevalence of antibacterial sanitising hand gels, so much so that it wouldn’t surprise me if someone told me they squirted it on top of their cereal every morning. Yes, being sanitised is most certainly the trend du jour, but admittedly for good reason. I can jest all I like, but you can’t deny that you can almost see the viruses and germs partying like they’re in Ibiza on your morning tram’s poles, and let’s not do too much research into the germs on your keyboard either…really, who has the time or patience to be sick these days?

However, frequent application of traditional sanitisers can dry your hands out – not what you need when the combination of heaters and the crisp cold are already doing their dehydrating. That’s where Jurlique’s new Moisturising Hand Sanitiser blows the competition out of the petri dish. Their native Australian Bush Mint (grown on the Jurlique farm in South Australia) is famous for its natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria 30 seconds after application. And to keep your mits soft underneath your mittens? Safflower seed oil is delivered to the skin in oleosome technology to keep your hands soft and conditioned.

Keep the pump-top 175ml bottle ($19) at your desk (perfect for before and after lunch, or after being on the phone) and pop the 50ml ($10) flip top into your purse for on-the-go cleanliness.

You’ll be Jur-licking your hands they’ll be that clean!


Review: Jurlique Jasmine Hand Cream

Image courtesy of Primped

Firstly, how amazing is the scent of jasmine? It’s right up there in the flower smells for me, possibly battling with gardenia, which I think is an influence of both my mother’s and Nan’s favourite scents.

I was first introduced to Jurlique’s Jasmine range by buying Nan the body wash and body lotion, (both of which are just as divine as the hand cream) and was planning on passing the hand cream over as well…and then just couldn’t. I love it too much! (Sorry Nan, maybe for your birthday?)

The creamy, thick texture of this hand cream is beautiful, and after after waiting a minute for it to sink in and work its magic, it’s non-greasy and supremely hydrating.

It’s like that old saying (which I’m pretty sure I just made up..) lead a horse to water and it will realise it was thirsty. My hands being the proverbial horse. Man, this stuff is addictive! I’ve become so used to the soft, silky texture of my hands after applying the cream and that once it wears off after a few hours, I’m like a junkie looking for my next hit!

It also had a surprising second use. One day I had forgotten to apply my daily spritz of perfume (gasp!) so after rummaging around in my bag looking for the little sample bottles I usually have floating around in there, I came across ol’ Jasmine. Hrmm, smells good on my hands, why not me?! I rubbed a little into my neck and wrists and was greeted with a soft, subtle Jasmine scent that followed me around for hours. Saviour!

I love the minimalist old-style metal tube, which gives it a vintage medicinal feel. Be careful about how you squeeze it out though; if you squeeze too tight near the top then you may risk the metal bending and cutting off the rest of your creamy jasmine supply!

This is definitely on my list to buy when it runs out, and also on Nan’s birthday list.

I received this hand cream as part of the PRIMPED VIP package. To read what other members are saying, click here.

Gleeful Spiel: Great PR

You know those moments that restore your faith in large companies? Well maybe you don’t, they can be quite rare! I had one last week and was just so thrilled I had to share it.

Back story: Since receiving Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Gel for Christmas, I had adored and used it with equal enthusiasm. I thought of it as my pre-anti-aging serum. Until the pump broke… Tears, I know. Like a child my lip quivered. “But there’s just so much left in it! Nooo!” I wailed as my boyfriend tried to fix it, only causing the serum to pour out like a seeping wound. Oh the drama.

Not accepting an early end for my Recovery Gel, I tweeted Jurlique’s PR company, Saunders & Co PR asking if there was any possible way I could organise a replacement pump. I promptly received a direct message back, stating that Jurlique would be contacting me soon.

Sure enough, an hour later I received an email (not sure how they got that, but props for initiative) from Carla Fullgrabe, Customer Care Manager, asking for my address and what size bottle I have, so that a replacement could be sent out. Reply sent with my details, confirmation that my pump has been sent out, all within twenty-four hours.

A few days later (save for the Easter public holidays) and my pump arrived. Win, win, win.

Stellar PR, Saunders/Jurlique, stellar. You have really set the bar for companies that I may deal with in the future. I am one happy girl.

Have you had any great experiences (or shockers) with PR companies or customer care?

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