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Benefit Ultra Shines New Nude Shades!

L-R: Nudie-tude, So Frisk Me, Nookie Nookie and Patootie - RRP: $34

Benefit Cosmetics have released four new delightfully nude shades to add to their already impressive list of wanna-kiss-me Ultra Shine Lip Shines. The perfect nude lip is about as elusive as a Leprechaun the day after St. Patty’s, but with four shades to choose from, I’m sure most ladies will find their HG nude shade.

I’ve been puckering up with Patootie, (far right of the picture) an oyster pink shade that has been working wonderfully during the day with bronzed cheeks, but even better at night; the frosty pinky-nude is the perfect partner for smokey eyes.

Have I mentioned how much I adore Benefit? (Yes, lots, redundant question I know.) From their tongue in cheek campaigns and product names to their never-fail-me prods, they’re definitely at the pointy end of my favourites list!

I’ve found a few other fab nude lip products lately, and I’m so excited to share them.

Patootie kisses,

Holly x







Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15

I received this slick rick of a lip prod in my amazing MBBE gift bag and it’s got me even more excited for summer – if that’s even possible!

Why? Because there is nothing more you need in a lip product than what the Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15 offers! Nothing!

3 in 1 for $46

While it would be perfectly amazing all year round, I can see this really coming into its own come summer. Firstly, the SPF 15 protection is a highlight – many of us forget that our lips are skin too! Skin that can be burnt and damaged by the sun, just like the rest of our body.

Spending a lot of time outdoors as I do in summer, my lips tend to get dry due to the salt water and sun exposure (I’ll never give up my love of the beach!) Luckily the base function of this product is a treatment, and treat it does! With an impressive list of moisturisers such as cocoa and shea butter, jojoba oil, and apricot kernel and avocado oil my lips are left soft and full. For those concerned with aging lips, Bobbi has you covered with peptides, Vitamin C and Paracress which are included to diminish fine lines and increase collagen production.

It’s an ultra creamy and hydrating formula, without being sticky at all. It also lasts quite a long time for being a hydrating shine product, I find they tend to slip off my lips and transfer onto everything else.

Now the colour, could you get any more summery than ‘Nectarine’?! This is what got me really excited, as well as being my first foray into orange-y toned lip products. It’s my toe in the pool of the orange lip trend, one I hope to fully dive into soon. Bobbi Brown’s Nectarine is definitely a pinky-orange though, quite mild on the orange tone, so don’t be scared off by my talk of orange. If Nectarine isn’t your fruit shade of choice, there are 11 others to choose from. Personally, I want basically all of them. Maybe a hot pink next?

Quite coral isn't it? But then again it looks different in every light, quite cloudy today!

Congrats Bobbi, this is a multi-function prod that’s easy to use and maintain, with sheer, build-able colour that hydrates like nothing else. Love the glossy, black slim packaging by the way. Winner!

Estée Lauder Pure Colour Lip Gloss c/o Marie Claire

Faced with another one hour train ride, complete with delays, rude overbearing youth (don’t I sound like a nanna!) and music being played out of mobile phone speakers, I decided to stop and grab a magazine to escape into.

For those without a calender, it’s September, and in Mag Land, capital city Gloss Town, that means the biggest month of the year. (You may know of a little movie called The September Issue?) Biggest LITERALLY. I was struggling to run for my train with the bulging Marie Claire under my arm. Toned biceps and a good read!

I have to admit that a deciding factor in my magazine purchase was the shiny looking incentive attached to the top. A pretty pink lip gloss? In super-luxe packaging? Estée Lauder?! New release?! I’M SOLD! That and I had already bought Madison, and I like a mag full o’ features.

Pure Colour Lip Gloss by Tom Pecheux (famous makeup artist) in shade #11 Passion Fruit and I are only new friends (with benefits), but we’re moving fast. He’s already moved in. To the back pocket of my handbag –  a most coveted and exclusive spot reserved for only the best on-the-go makeup prods!

It lasted at least an hour and a half, until I decided to inhale the gourmet and nutritionally perfect meal that is Mi Goreng noodles. Non-sticky? Tick. Glossy without looking tacky? You know it. Perfect shade of strawberry pink/red with minute gold flecks? Yep.

Well worth the cover price of $9.20, and I can’t wait to devour the many pages of this special 15th Anniversary edition of Marie Claire.

With a perfect pout of course.

ooo. shiny. new.

Review: Hissyfit Lip Service

You put your daily dose of broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen on your face (or at least you should be – sun is the number one cause of premature aging of the skin) but what about your lips?

Those two parallel sausages that stick out from your face, their thin skin sizzling in the sun’s rays like Marica Brady with her silver sun reflector. (Tried to get a pic, no luck. Surely all you old Brady fans know what I’m saying…)

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of lips needing sun protection on a daily basis, just like the rest of your face. My ‘aha!’ moment came when I learnt of Hissyfit’s Lip Service.

Image c/o: Hissyfit

‘Of course your little lippies need the protection! Imagine having a taut face but the pigmented, wrinkled lips of a two-pack-a-day smoker! Not to mention the danger of skin cancer!’ thought my brain.

Lip Service is a broad spectrum SPF 30+ anti-aging lip balm.

It impressed me by:

-Being long-lasting. Nothing worse than constantly having to reapply due to the balm/gloss staying everywhere but your lips.

-Being ultra-moisturising. Lip Service contains an effective mix of shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin e to nourish your pout.

-Being non-sticky. Yes! This one doesn’t require a jaw workout to get my mouth to open!

-Having the right amount of shine; not too glossy, not too matte. Great for over nude lips, highlights my natural lip colour, or adds moisture to an already applied lip colour.

-Cheap. It retails for $20, winner!

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