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Natio’s New Launches!

Hot hint: They’re fabulous!

This was my write up, originally published in Onya Magazine – which of course you are all avid readers of by now, yes?

Natio Launches Mineral Corrector Range

Blemishes, redness, dark circles, dullness, makeup disappearing by 1pm; you’re a rare specimen if you haven’t found yourself subjected (at least once) to these complexion killers.

Natio, a cult favourite among the Australian made and owned beauty cohort, has recently released a fantastic new godsend of a collection; the seven piece Mineral Correctors range, which includes Pure Mineral Redness Corrector, Pure Mineral Dark Circle Corrector, Pure Mineral Concealer, Pure Mineral Eye Brightener, Pure Mineral Face Illuminator, Pure Mineral Face Primer, and Pure Mineral Eye Primer.

Designed to be ‘edge-free’, the Mineral Correctors range uses light-reflecting liquid mineral pigments to blend the products into the skin, creating a flawless finish that suits nearly all skin tones. This technology makes the collection perfect for natural makeup lovers, as it can be worn with or without, under or above makeup. How about that, correcting all your minor imperfections so you don’t even need to wear makeup!

Natio is the first brand to release a complete range of liquid mineral correctors, which means no more running from one aisle of the store to another collecting all your favourite products.

Containing nourishing ingredients such as Jojoba, Vitamins C & E, and free from talc and parabens the Mineral Corrector range is non-comedegenic (read: doesn’t clog pores) and perfect for all skin types (even sensitive) and all budgets – every item in the seven piece range retails for less than $17.95! And no, that’s not a typo.

Editor’s Picks: After almost a week of trialling the range, I can definitely say that the Pure Mineral Dark Circle Corrector, Pure Mineral Eye Brightener, Pure Mineral Concealer and Pure Mineral Illuminator are just Pure Magic.


Get Berry Beautiful with Natio

Has anyone been outside lately? If yes, you may have noticed the tell tale crunch-crunch of autumn leaves underneath your feet – already! Summer has quickly given way to the beginnings of autumn and winter, and the fastest way to get on board is to immerse yourself in the make up trend of the season; berry.

As fresh berries go out of season and your quintessential summer drink of berry smoothie becomes pricier, you can still get your berry fix with Natio’s Limited Edition Colour Collection; Berry Beautiful.

Featuring on-trend deep, rich and blush tones of berry, Natio has launched their Berry Beautiful collection in two different colour scheme palettes; Soft Berry and Deep Berry.

The all-in-one palettes are a first for Natio, and let’s hope they continue; the chuck-in-your-clutch size features all your need to look on-trend and amazing – three eye shadows, a bronzer and highlighter, three lip gloss shades and three applicators.

The Berry Beautiful Collection also includes two lipstick shades (subtle berry plum and semi-matte deep berry) and two nail polishes in deep berry hues (deep cherry red, and a dark plum) an eyeliner (dark navy) and long-lash mascara.

The option is there to mix and match the shades to your liking; either go soft and romantic or dark and glamorous.

The Berry Beautiful collection is limited edition so get in quick; you should be able to find the affordable range at selected Myer, David Jones and pharmcies now.



Rash Decisions End In Tears – Normally.

A fancy night out is always a great excuse to trial new prods, right? Well yes, and no.

Usually, the pre-event rush to get ready raises stress levels and drains blood away from where it’s needed most (the brain, more specifically the “getting ready cortex” nestled somewhere between the somatosensory cortex and the parietal lobe. Just call me a regular doctor.) and rash decisions are made. Decisions like, “Oh, why don’t I just try this new way of curling, that I’ve never done before, that I probably just made up,  maybe with this old can of mousse I’ve never used! No, that’s not rusting at the bottom! It’s just…brown metal!”

Those kind of decisions, coupled with an hour that mysteriously vanished and you have yourself a disaster, or in my case, multiple disasters. Sometimes, I just don’t learn! (On one hand, it’s allowed me to empathise with men and their extremely questionable choices when their blood rushes out of their brain…south, on the other, I usually just wonder where my blood goes and sulk about another silly choice that didn’t live up to the glamzon, Victoria’s Secret hair I envisaged 30 minutes before my taxi arrived. Is it really too much to ask for?)

So, last week, when I was looking at the clock and thought, “Sugar! Fruitcake! Where did that time go? I need to get ready for the Tiffany & Co. Recognition Dinner!” my mind raced to a new beauty product that had just arrived – Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion. Should I risk it? There’d be no time for a shower if all went wrong and I looked like a clag stick rolled in glitter… Oh! And I’ll also need something for my hair… (Cue rustling around my beauty drawers) These sachet samples of Tigi Catwalk Your Highness will do! Perfect! Some volume will do me good, it’s raining. The sensible part of my brain, its blood supplies rapidly draining, was shouting ‘Don’t do it! Do you ever learn?!’ before it too switched off. Oh, the dizzying high of making unsupported bad decisions about your appearence in front of Very Important People (and National Managers.)

Prtty Peaushun's funky packaging...

BUT (yes there’s a but with this event!) – finally, it all worked out, and I have these fantastic beauty products to thank! Prtty Peaushun is amazing; it gives subtle glow and shimmer to your limbs, without making you look like a disco ball, and contains active ingredients to help firm your skin and cover imperfections. LOVE! Probably the most amazing thing about it? It comes off your hands. That doesn’t seem like a huge thing, but to anyone else who has experienced the frustration of putting on a shimmery moisturiser only to find that their palms are now permanently glitter-fied will be just as excited as me. It washes easilly off your hands, yet I didn’t find a speck of it on my dress. Winning! (Couldn’t resist a Sheen-ism.)

I used the Tigi Catwalk Your Highness shampoo, conditioner, then blowdried with the Thickening Gel Cream. After only a few seconds under the heat, I could tell this stuff was working. I got worried I was creating a monster – my already thick hair coupled with this powerful stuff? How ridiculous! But my idea was to pile it up in a bun, blast with the heat, cool and then tousle out – finally, Vicky S hair! Alright, so once again VS status was sadly not achieved, but woah did I have volume. Never before seen volume. Ladies who like their handbags big but their hair bigger, get on this range!

Some evidence of my Woah Nelly volume, which is big for me as I’m not usually a ‘big’ hair kinda girl… Those smudging roots do look dark in these photos, luckily I’m getting my hair done today! Yippee! I had a couple of comments on my lippy from Twitter, in case you too are wondering, it’s this one.

I must not get too smug over this once-off success… one can have big hair, but not a big head – I’m sure next time it’ll be back to the same old circa 2002 cans of mystery…

So, do you make the same rash decisions when primping and priming? I’d love to hear of your disasters! Yep, make me feel better about some of my previous shockers, let’s just say thank goodness for the top knot!

PS. Held at Carousel in Albert Park, the Tiffany & Co. dinner was stunning.











Echolife Discount Offer For Onya Magazine Readers

Because if you stop by to read Am I There Yet?, you most definitely also pop by Onya Magazine on occasion too, right? Well, I hope so, because online natural beauty store, Echolife, are offering Onya readers $5 off every order for the whole of 2011 (yes, it’s reusable!) when you enter the code ‘ onya ‘ at the checkout. How fantastic!

Read the article on Onya Magazine here for more details.

And don’t worry, my lips are sealed, I won’t tell them you heard it through me first. 😉

Smashbox’s Limited Edition ‘In Bloom’ Collection

The recently launched Smashbox‘s ‘In Bloom’ Collection has me completely sold, wanting to call the entire thing my own.

In Bloom is Smashbox’s Spring 2011 Collection (remember the Northern Hemisphere has opposite seasons, but we’ll use it as an excuse to cling to summer as winter rapidly approaches) and is all about pretty, feminine wear-ability; there’s no tricky trends to tackle here, it’s all so easy and just gosh darn pretty!

I was offered two products to trial, Soft Focus Powder Eyeliner and Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss with SPF 15, and they are so fabulous I used them on my boyfriend RK’s big sister – not just on any old day but her wedding day. Yes, I did her makeup (no idea how that happened!) and yes I was scared shitless, but more on that in a later post. I only tested the eyeliner once, but on her, and me, it just worked, and it was the perfect look for her wedding day – or for anyone who isn’t after a harsh eyeliner, just a perfectly smudged but but definitely still ‘there’ eyeliner. The soft smudged brown is much easier to wear during the day than a more striking black, and would suit fairer girls wonderfully.

The Soft Focus Powder Eyeliner ($29.95) is so easy to use, and looks amazing either just as a stand alone liner, or blended into a smokey brown eye. Just one tip; definitely do tap the applicator a few times before applying, otherwise you’ll get some fallout of powder under the eyes.

The Limitless Long Wear Lipgloss ($29.95) in Endless Kiss was also used over the top of a light peach lipstick on the bride, and it was perfect. Most certainly long wearing, this gloss is shiny without being sticky, and shimmery without a tonne of glitter. The added bonus of SPF 15 is also a winner.

I’m dying to try the other items from the collection, especially the Blusher Duo and also the Illuminising Powder. Check them out for yourself on the Smashbox site here, or pop into your local Kit Cosmetics store.

There ain’t a Summer-hue like Tiffany-blue

One of the most exciting things about my time in the US is that it is SUMMER, and I’m a summer-typa-gal. Major bonus for escaping a large chunk of miserable Winter. Yes I know, it’s so romantic – what with the blankets, open fires and red wine. But who has time to hibernate like that day in, day out? Give me some white wine and prawns on the beach any day!

I digress. This post is focused on the hidden bonus that comes with the Northern-Southern hemisphere season switch – the fact that I realised not only will I be basking (SPF protected!) in sunshine (from underneath a hat!) while away, I will also be able to experience the Spring/Summer ’10 trends in current action people.

Australia, being all the way down the bottom and therefore in the Southern hemisphere, has to wait until our Spring/Summer rolls around before we can fully get in the swing of all things S/S. So technically, us Southies are always a season behind. Boo.

Sure, we can brighten up our traditionally dark winter beauty trends with a splash of traditionally bright S/S colours, but I’m sure most people like to get amongst a berry lip and darker shades of polish for the majority of winter time.

That’s why I’m so excited to be over there and dive straight into the pool of candy brightness! Be gone, winter darks, my toe nails are rocking a shade so bright you’ll need, err, shades. (Gotta get my US lingo going.)

What made me think of such a thing? Well, last night I was thrown a gorgeous little surprise gathering for my birthday, just a little early! And I received a box. No, the box. You know the one. The shade alone may make your heart skip. Mine sure does.

You can never replicate the bow once undone... I think Confucius said that..Yep.

And once the party people had left and I was left alone to admire my beautiful new earrings and sweet as pie little blue box, it hit me. I can have this Tiffany-turquoise-blue on my fingers and toes, thanks to Chanel’s inspiring Summer 2010 Le Pop-Up De Chanel makeup collection! (I realise this is in no way ground breaking news, but just me being excited!) In particular, courtesy of #527 Nouvelle Vague. I want!

Bright! Fun! Summer! Chanel!

Here is a colour swatch I found on A Fashion Tale. Isn’t it just a bottle of divine bubble-gum gelato blue?

I may just have to consider it come duty-free beauty counter time…

But how’s a girl meant to pick between the blue or pink?! Too hard! Let’s not even discuss that pretty pink lipstick…

Bright times ahead!

For those of you who read PRIMPED, you may have come across Ed Zoe Foster’s post on her thoughts that bright lips are no longer a trend, but a classic.

In the third paragraph, Zoe mentions a lovely young girl who likes cupcakes and is also worried about the fact that while she thinks a big bangin’ bright lip looks faaantastic, she is worried that you need crystal clear skin to pull it off. You know, ‘cos the lips and the surrounding area are the focus, pinky/reddish tones in the skin (aka blemishes) might be highlighted by the colour on your lip.

Well, that girl was me. It’s true; I love cupcakes, bright lips, yet am worried that my ‘problem area’ (nice way of saying hideous hormonal war-ground) won’t allow me to wear said lip. Nothing worse than looking like my lipstick has smudged all around my chin into some kind of pash rash outbreak. Hang on, is that better or worse than a breakout?!

So, desperate to be a bright lipped girl (having always been a pale gloss kinda gal) and lamenting my skin, I decided to heck with it! I received a beautiful shade of Revlon lipstick from my last batch of PRIMPED VIP Club goodies, (review to come) which was the decider – this pink is pretty, I will put it on my lips.

Today was the day, and knowing that luminous clear (as possible) skin is essential when going for the bright lip, concealer and a bit more concealer was needed over my foundation, some illuminator on the cheekbones and then a dusting of bronzer. Reminder – keep the eyes light and fresh, it’s the lips turn to hold the mike. Lipstick applied….and this is the result!(Hrm, picture darker than real life sighting…)

Please excuse the bad lighting, slighty fuzzy image and my got-rained-on hair.

What do you think?

I like! After applying and walking out the door I felt…fun, and almost cheeky! Wearing an outfit of black top and jeans, I thought the pink gave just the right amount of ‘pop’. I think a few second glances were thrown my way too, Ms. Revlon ‘Carnation’ tells me not to be alarmed, this is a common side effect.

So props to me, breaking out of my ‘appearance rut’, one change at a time!

The colour in question: Revlon #025 ‘Carnation’

Revlon's Carnation pink. Lovely!

Do you like bright lips? Would you? Do you?

Beauty Counter Biatches.

The grumps, sour pout, just downright unhelpful and unfriendly – the beauty counter is not the place for these negative adjectives.

With the exception of an extremely bad day personally (maybe you should take a day off?), I believe beauty counter staff should be beaming little bottles of groomed sunshine. Helpful. Welcoming. More than willing to suggest a lipstick that will make your whites whiter.

I may be alone here, (I have a suspicison that I’m not) but a trip to the beauty department of any major department store is like entering a world where shiny surfaces and bright lights make everything better. Those little pots and potions are full of the mysterious unknown, and there is always something new to discover. It’s safe to say a woman’s self confidence is linked to their appearance, so the beauty counters offer the possibility of a new magical product to inspire a look, alleviate a concern, and add a sparkle to their usual facade. Not to mention beauty products being a well recognised form of retail therapy.

So it really shits me when the bubble of perfection gets popped when one grumpy lady can’t be bothered noticing you, or huffs when you enquire about the benefits of liquid vs. powder. There’s a reason why you man the counters- you’re supposed to be trained in makeup to answer the questions of those who aren’t.

I’m not sure if it’s a case of the ‘can’t be bothereds’ or an immediate perception of your personal wealth divided by current beauty inventory square root to the average likelihood you’ll make a purchase (can you tell I’m not maths person?). However, if the latter is the case, isn’t that one of the main points of designer brands having a spin-off makeup collection; to offer the ‘common’ person a slice of affordable luxury, whether it be a Chanel lipstick or Armani perfume?

Today at David Jones (which is meant to be Australia’s premier department store) I approached the Laura Mercier counter with a voucher for a complexion consultation and a sample of their Mineral Foundation Primer. I had the email on my phone, and waited 5 minutes to even be acknowledged. Then I was nearly thrown a sample, of which I was “lucky to get” as I didn’t have the voucher printed out. The voucher the states I would receive a complexion consultation, application of the primer, foundation, concealer and setting powder to achieve the trademark Laura Mercier ‘flawless face’.

I realise it was only a voucher and I was scabbing around for a trial of the product, but isn’t that the point? I am much more likely to buy a product once I know it suits my skin and the other products that I use. A friendly, advice giving make up artist/beauty counter lady is also an important factor, as their behaviour definitely influences my perception of the brand. Am I right? Is it a case of suck it up and smile? Or has the beauty floor changed and I just need to get over it?

I’ve only ever had friendly, enthusiastic women at Bobbi Brown, more than willing to try a foundation/bronzer on my actual face.

Benefit girls have always been chirpy and knowledgable.

Which counter have your beauty best and worst experiences happened at?

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