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News: Kiehl’s Are Dropping Prices!

Some of you may have already heard this on the speed-of-light grape vine that is the Internet – but it’s worth repeating:

US cult beauty brand Kiehl’s are dropping their prices by up to 50% for the Australian market!

Can I get a woop woop? I’m in love with the whole idea of Kiehl’s (New York since 1851), which was only cemented when I visited their flagship store in NYC last year.(Seriously, check it out, best store!) Apothecary-style, no-fuss packaging and most importantly, effective products that do what they say – what’s not to love?

The news was announced to the Melbourne cohort of beauty bloggers last Thursday night at the newly revamped Bourke St Myer. I absolutely love what Kiehl’s has done with their counter; created an intimate yet quirky ‘shop feel’ (complete with faux brick walls) in the most non-intimate of settings.

So why can they drop prices of over a quarter of their line, including icons such as Creme de Corps? Well, Kiehl’s have always been committed to being a caring, sharing kinda brand, and with their huge global growth (up 50%!) in a period where beauty as a business is generally struggling, they’ve decided to give back to the people that have helped them grow! Aw, bless!

Huge props to Kiehl’s for recognising that us beauty lovers are a savvy bunch – it doesn’t take long to do a quick Google search of overseas prices, and 99.9% of the time, it’s double in Australia. Of course, import costs and taxes do play a part, but when the Aussie dollar is currently kung fu-ing the US’ bum, it only makes sense to purchase online, or load up our international friends like Makeup Mules – therefore lowering sales on Australian soil. So really, it’s a win-win for Keihl’s and Australian lovers of the brand, and more beauty companies should follow suit!

Luckily, I went away with three Kiehl’s products to trial, including the famous Creme de Corps, nourishing Lip Balm #1 in Cranberry and my new love, the Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion (review to come soon!) I’m still lemming after their Ultra Facial Cream (was $105 now $64!) and the Calendula Herbal Extract toner… they’re on the ‘to-buy’ list!

So, what do you think about this price drop?
Smart cookies them Kiehl’s, hey! Do you think more brands should follow suit?
Have you tried Kiehl’s? Been to their amazing NYC store?


New: Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream

My love of Clarins (inherited from my Mother’s red bag of Clarins goodies) has been well documented, so when I heard they were releasing their new Extra Firming Body Cream at the start of May, I got excited.


Skin elasticity is one of those body ‘irks’ that can plague women, no matter what their size. Changes in weight, pregnancy, aging and of course your all-important genes can all contribute to skin slackness. Like anything though, the way you take care of it naturally reflects on the end results, so, quiz up your mum on her trouble spots, and get rubbing!

Personally, I find that I am extremely prone to stretch marks and skin slackness around the top of my thighs and bottom, which I can only put down to weight gain and loss, considering I’ve never had a baby and I’m a few months shy of 22. So, with daily application of Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream (it’s actually become the favourite part of my beauty routine at the moment!) I am hoping to not only repair some previous damage but prevent further stretch marks from joining their mates.

The cream is like a firm, spongy mousse, with the most unbelievably divine scent. I’ve also been applying it to my chest in an effort to keep them firm, and all day I have this lovely, floral, signature ‘Clarins’ scent wafting up, it’s beautiful! After application, my skin is firmer, and extremely well hydrated. Stretch marks, while they can never really go away, really do look better with lots of hydration to help sponge up the area, and avoid that ‘line-y’ appearance.

J’taime Clarins, and their new firming body cream… bravo! Now, it’s shower time, and I’m off to go coat myself in the divine texture and scent of it!

I Do Adore: Bon Remede

This article was originally published in Onya Magazine:

Summer is generally the season for parties and house guests, both which generally require an unnatural level of House Cleanliness and Presentation. You can look over your shoulder with a nonchalant, “Who, me?” but I know the truth. We’re all guilty of a little vain house sprucing before the in-laws or best-couple-friends come to stay. Fresh flowers confidently take place on the side table like it’s a weekly occurrence, tea light candles find themselves next to Swedish designed soap holders and you’ve run the ‘good cutlery’ through the dishwasher after discovering an odd series of splotches that look strangely like baked on potato gratin.

Whether you’re a seasoned expert or basic beginner of the quick pre-guest spruce up, Bon Remede make it easy for you with their affordable, luxe-look range of moisturisers that would make even the hippest boutique hotel ache with jealousy.

This organic range is housed in the most amazing, heavy brown glass jars and labeled with simple yet stylish labels which give an olde world pharmaceutical feel to an overall impressively sophisticated finish. Containing natural lime and orange oils, the Body Lotion ($39.95) has a light citrus scent and is absorbed in an instant. The Face Cream ($49.95) is ultra-hydrating, with an impressive list of organic ingredients and a soft lavender and geranium aroma. The Hand, Nail and Elbow Cream ($29.95) is honestly the only product that has been able to soften my crocodile elbows, drier than the Sturt. Yep, Chronically Dry Elbows, more commonly known as CDE to sufferers. Yes, it’s a real condition; didn’t you see it on Oprah? I am so thrilled to say that this wonder product kept my elbows baby soft nearing on a week. A week!
This is a range of products that won’t be leaving the pointy end of my favourites list for a very long time. Organic, Australian owned and made, affordable luxe, aromatherapy benefits, style, effectiveness and chic good looks – it ticks all the boxes on my guest-bathroom-worthy list. And maybe even your Mother In Law’s…

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