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Small Haul From My Makeup Mule

With the recent Aussie dollar parity with the US dollar, it’s fair to say that everyone has been going a little crazy with online shopping. Good on them I say! It’s hard to accept such hikes in item prices when explanations like ‘the exchange rate’ no longer apply.

After a recent trip to the US in June/July last year, which meant a month of squealing “it’s so cheap!” or, “that’s half the price it is in Australia” and buying up a few beauty items, I decided I regretted not getting more.

That’s where my gorgeous friend Lexie, (who I met in Paris but is from California and is dating a guy from Bendigo – she’s a global kinda gal), comes in. After a few months in the US, Lexie was coming back to Melbourne to visit. After my initial elation at the news of her visit, my mind turned to ways to exploit the possible vacant volume in her suitcase… She would be my mule.

Come on now, don’t act shocked – you’d do the same. I don’t mean the Mexico city type of mule that involves body cavities and the empty bellies of sharks, just some harmless beauty buying and stowing! Scared of my gang-like hold over Melbourne, she agreed, lucky for her. I jest! I did say please.

But, once I actually had to think about what I should request, my mind went blank! (I also didn’t want to get anything too heavy eg. lots of skin care/liquids)

Here are the items I came up with last minute:

Benefit High Beam

A replacement for my used up bottle. My first and favourite illuminator! The effects of 10 hours sleep and 10 litres of vege juice in a bottle – fake it ’til you make it, I say! Lexie also saw a ‘Benefit To Go’ version for $10 at the check out, and grabbed that too. How perfect for my handbag!

NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna

I requested this in anticipation of my current one fading. A few months ago the ominous silver metal circle that signifies the death of a product began to show, and it was all I could do to stop from tearing up. This stuff nears on $90 dollars in Australia, and I couldn’t justify a re-purchase – until Lexie offered to pop by Nordstrom for me, the doll. Love this bronzer, amazing natural colour with just a subtle gold shimmer.

Philosophy Bath and Shower Gel in Raspberry Sorbet

Have you smelled these shower gels? They are amazing! I believe they’re only sold at Mecca in Aus (for the eyebrow raising price of $38 dollars a bottle – in the US they’re $16!) You should definitely check them out. Rich and creamy, their signature is the incredibly true to life scents of each flavour. Next on my list is Belgian Waffles and Birthday Cake! They even feature a recipe to each flavour on the label.

Benefit Speed Brow

I love the importance of brows, and Benefit Speed Brow is kept in my handbag at all times to tame my wiry hairs lest they ever get out of line! A slightly tinted gel that’s applied by a mascara-like brush wand, Speed Brow is the quick and easy way to make your brows look ‘done’ in a flash. Another re-stock for my collection!

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in r.s.v.p

After trying this shade (and also Birthday Suit) at the Benefit makeup counter, I knew I wanted it. Need, maybe not, but want, definitely! r.s.v.p is a gorgeous creamy pale pink shade with shimmer, and smooths on beautifully for a lasting finish. The intensity is easy built and I can go from wearing it as a pale wash of shimmer to a pigmented base, perfect for blending with browns and coppers.

That’s it I think! Amazingly, all this only cost me about $120. Go the Aus dollar woo hoo! Thank you to Lexie for willingly accepting this no doubt annoying task, I do appreciate it! Now, when are you coming out again? Haha!


Cute Casual Gym Wear. I Love It.

Jerry Seinfeld was on to a good thing.

A great thing even; runners as the daily footwear of choice.

His paring with blue wash jeans and tucked in shirts, once the epitome of 90’s cool, is now highly questionable, but the guilty comfort of an all-day sneaker wearing session lives on.

And this is where the purpose of the ‘cute casual gym wear outfit’ comes in.  Perfect for running errands, cleaning around the house, shopping or attending uni when you have run out of clothes and totally hating on your whole winter wardrobe (like me!)

Aside: It’s imperative that ‘gym wear’ is not the old see-through-in-the-ass leggings you should have thrown out years ago but like to watch TV in – leave that to the army of (shitty)leggings-as-pants wearers infiltrating a shopping centre near you. The purpose is to look decent, not caught out.

You get away with it because who knows? You might be heading to the gym later. Or maybe you’ve been, you fit little gym bunny you, and you’re just one of the 2.3% of the population who don’t sweat when they run. There’s always one of those girls at the gym, smugly accepting the stares of jealousy.

The aim of the game is to disguise your laziness in actually planning a real-life-outfit, and keep the public guessing. Therefore, you makeup must follow suit. Clearly you won’t want to be heading out with your normal sweaty red post-gym face, but a full face o’ slap won’t cut it either. Who goes to the gym looking like a pageant queen? The key is to stick to barely there, glowing natural makeup.

Here’s the makeup look I’ve teamed with the cute casual gym wear outfit I’m rocking today:

I always feel like tinted moisturiser sinks into my skin at unequal rates and by the end of the day, I’m looking a little blotchy with dark patches here and there. I am loving Becca’s SPF 30+ Mineral Primer at the moment, such a yummy smell, oil-free and great for extra UVA/UVB protection!

A light coating of Jane Iredale Dream Tint Mineral Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 15 gives great light coverage and is fantastic for camouflaging any red areas. On days like this, I find mineral based products to be best as they give a sheer, luminous coverage that won’t block your pores when you decide to break into an impromptu jog!

A few dabs of NARS Orgasm Illuminator helps to give your cheekbones that flushed, glowing, I-sure-did-just-run-5-k’s! look. I finish this up with just a light dusting of NARS Laguna Bronzer, because obviously I’ve just been jogging on Miami beach!

I usually leave mascara out, but a swipe will leave lashes just that bit more defined and darker.

The best thing is, it’s like a fake workout. Wearing runners puts an extra bounce in your step and I find myself walking faster and even jogging up stairs, and once I’m home and they’re off, it’s like in my mind I’ve been at the gym all day.

Ahh mind trickery, you’re the best!

Are you a fan of the cute casual gym wear look?
Do you pretend you’re going to the gym?
Never done it? You should! You’ll love it.

It’s so cheap, I must be on NARS.

I visited Times Square today, and amid the hustle and bustle of taxi horns and a million camera flashes going off, there was one beacon of joy and black and white simplicity that reached out and dragged me towards it. Sephora. The everything-beauty-mega-store.

One of the first make up brand counters I saw was NARS, which is stocked at Mecca Cosmetica in Australia, and may I say – expensive. That’s why my jaw hit the floor when I looked at the prices underneath the rainbow of blush samples popping out against their black background. No way!! Yes way. These prices were real, and I was in the midst of an Orgasm-overload as I rapidly applied the cult fave to either side of my face. And then I found the liquid illuminator version, gave a little squeal, and applied some more. And then searched for the bronzer on my wish-list, Laguna, and chucked that on too with the zest of a five-year-old discovering Mummy had finally left her make up draw unlocked. Needless to say, my face was a muddy-pink mess but I didn’t care. Just like the sales lady didn’t really care when I kept gushing, “No you don’t understand! This stuff is like $80 in my country!! Eeeeek!”

I finally left with 3 products, my first-ever NARS:
-‘Orgasm’ Blush
-‘Laguna’ Bronzer
-‘Orgasm’ Illuminator

Which came to a grand total of $87. (Okay, not including the $7 tax)
Had I have made the same purchase in Ausralia? $203.

Pause for dramatic effect.

Do you need an extra second? I sure did.

I think I’ll have to go back to try some foundation, which is only $41 dollars, give or take a few greens. (We’re in the US here..)

I’m so excited to incorporate these products into my everyday makeup routine and mix and match with different looks. (Bonus: guilt free!) Not only for the rave reviews and cult-classic status these products, in particular, Orgasm have, but for the luxe, stylish packaging, and as I’ve mentioned, I’m a sucker for chic packaging! The clip top powder cases are sturdy, and the black casing has a velvetly-rubber feel you could touch all day. Which I think I might.

Joy. Glee. Elation.

In new-prod-heaven,

Holly. x

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