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Review: Nivea Visage Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Tinted Day Cream SPF 15

Oh, how I love a wonder-prod! An ‘overachiever’, keen to do it all for less. Stand up and take a bow, Nivea Visage Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Tinted Day Cream SPF 15 – what a mouthful!

This is a product sure to cause some excitement. Containing the famed and ultra popular (60,000 units sold a DAY) Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle formula to work on your skin during the day, as well as SPF 15+ UVA/UVB protection to stave off new wrinkles from sun damage – this is not your average tinted moisturiser.

RRP $18.89

The colour is perfect, providing light coverage that helps even out any discolorations or uneven patches. I think it’s a great ‘everyone’ shade, as I’ve passed it around to various friends and family with different skin tones and it’s looked fantastic on each of them. Of course, if you have the type of background that is very light or very dark, then this might not work as well.

The forumula is super hydrating and blends into the skin well, and also mixes with other products (eg illuminator) without a problem. It does take a bit longer to dry than you may be used to, so I tend to get started on my hair before going back for a swipe of bronzer – otherwise you end up with the dreaded patch of bronzer where it has stuck to the damp cream! The illumination it provides was well above what I expected, so most days I wear this product alone and revel in my dewy glow.

Don’t believe me? Well, I was just creepin’ the NIVEA website and saw that they’re offering a free sample! Free! Quick, click here.

Have you tried this?
Don’t you love a 189 in 1 product?!


Review: NIVEA Sun Light Feel Daily Face Veil SPF30+

For those of you who reside in Melbourne, take a look outside your window. See that? Brilliant sunshine! Yipee! I hope you’ve got those legs out girls, because 25 degrees may as well be 35 after the months of misery aka Winter. (Yes, I like to capitalise the seasons – join my campaign!)

So now that it really does seem possible that Summer is on the way, it may be time to think about your current level of SPF protection. As you know, (whether you adhere to it or not) you should be wearing SPF protection every day – even if it is cold and cloudy as UV rays can still penetrate the clouds, damaging your pretty lil’ face.

If you’re exposing your delicate skin to UVA and UVB rays daily, even plying on your potions at night won’t reverse the damage. UV rays are the number one cause of premature aging! But I won’t bang on about facts that I already hope you’re savvy too – let’s get to the wonder prods that prevent said damage!

I received NIVEA’s Light Feel Daily Face Veil SPF 30+ at the Maxted Thomas PR Beauty Blogger Event and have been loving it. Adoring.

What a winner at only $10.99!

It absorbs basically on contact with the skin, disappearing completely with no white/ghosting effect and no greasy residue. Exactly what you want in a daily sun protection product. It doesn’t ball up if I apply my makeup over the top, and acts as a fantastic base.

I’ve even tested it out in the sunshine on a jog, and it didn’t create white rivers of sweat down my chest as other products have done for me.

Wearing a facial sunscreen sometimes makes me nervous as my skin is combination type, and prone to breakouts. Even though the NIVEA Light Feel Daily Face Veil is oil free and non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores) I was still wary as always – but not a single ‘pimpedemic’ since I’ve been using (liberally).

I am definitely going to be stocking up on this winner again soon (almost all gone!) as the temperature rises and the UV rays gain intensity. Anything less than 30+ is just not going to cut it for me!


Maxted Thomas PR Beauty Blogger Event

I was thrilled/stoked/excited adjective of your choice to be invited by Maxted Thomas PR to a beauty event exclusively for bloggers, held at Brad Ngata‘s salon in the trendy Sydney suburb of Surry Hills.

My guest, the gorgeous Ann-Alyce and I flew into Sydney in time for a lunch at Kawa (on Crown St.), a really cute cafe that apparently the new Mrs. Orlando Bloom likes to frequent when she’s in town. I’m guessing it’s due to the delish organic, bio-dynamic, free range etc. choices available! Sadly, eating lunch there did not transform me into Miranda’s identical twin nor make me Orlando’s wife – bummer.

Arriving at the famed Mr. Ngata’s salon I was greeted by the super lovely MTPR team, handed my name tag and a glass of champas and told to explore the salon, where I would find the MTPR brand stations. It was the house of beauty surprises! Every turn and climb of a seriously precarious staircase took me to a new brand. These, in no particular order were:

NIVEA: I was welcomed by the NIVEA team who had a very impressive hi-tech set up, complete with iMac computers and iPads. The friendly representatives gave presentations on their famous and extremely popular – as in 60,000 units A DAY popular – Q-10 range (something exciting is coming soon!) and sun protection – the best form of preventative anti-aging as you all know! The selection of Nivea Body Moisturisers took me right back to childhood where the scent of Nivea was a permanent fixture in my mum’s daily body care, and I’ve loved both the scent and the cream itself ever since.

Ann-Alyce and I at the NIVEA station (Pic: MTPR)

Jane Iredale was around the corner, where makeup artists were doing demonstrations and mini makeovers for the girls. I hadn’t previously had too much experience with JI, so to be able to touch, smell, try the products and speak to a knowledgeable rep was fantastic. My ‘done up’ eyes looked fantastic and I loved the illuminating powder. I’ve had other mineral makeup brands applied before but I would have to say Janie I. topped the lot. It felt like nothing at all on my skin, and had exactly the right amount of luminosity and coverage without being sparkly. It does impressive things camouflaging medical conditions such as rosacea and hyper-pigmentation and is definitely on my future look out for list.

My smokin' smokey eyes from Jane Iredale.

End result of mini-makeover at Jane Iredale.

Trilogy also attended, making moi over the moon. I was very keen to learn more about their products because if you’re a regular reader, or even just a random glancer, you’ll know I am nuts over their rosehip oil. Bonkers in love. Ranting and raving all over the place, even taking my declarations of love to the big US of A, convincing my Aunt to at least consider getting some shipped over! As far as my adoration for Trilogy’s rosehip oil goes, I had sadly never tried any of their other products, so I was happy to learn that there is now not only the regular rosehip oil range, but also an Age Proof and Sensitive Skin one too. Something for everyone!

Brad Ngata – The man himself. The salon wouldn’t have been the same without his uber stylish presence floating around. He whirled his tools on many of the girls, creating lush curls that looked like they would last all week. If my hair had have been in a more acceptable state (read: not hideously overdue for some TLC) I would have been overjoyed to have my tresses tended to by one of Australia’s best. Jeal-ous. It may have been my only opportunity; a haircut with the multiple award-winning Brad is $250. One can hope!

Benefit – The gorgeous Benebabes were out in force, waiting to make over bloggers and their guests. This was definitely one of the most congested areas of the salon, and for good reason. Benefit products are beautifully packaged, easy to use, super effective and most of all fun! Not to mention the girls themselves; they must put something in the water there because I have never come across a Benefit girl who has been nothing short of extremely lovely, which goes a long way in my books!

Orly – Last but not least, the team at Orly were on hand (ha!) to tend to our nails, and they did an amazing job. Each manicurist took their time to perfect each nail, rather than rushing everyone through. Their attention to detail was very appreciated as everyone marvelled over their gorgeous nails and compared shades. I am super excited for their new Summer collection, Orly Sweet. There are six candy-bright and colourful shades that made me wish even more that summer would hurry up! Unfortunately I had already had my nails done the day before – in Orly First Kiss – but I was offered a touch up on a chip and also one nail I had removed thanks to testing a fantastic gadget I’m planning to tell you about! I learnt a lot about the very interesting back story of the company. Did you know Orly’s creator, Jeff Pink invented the French Manicure? Go Jeff!

The busy Orly girls.

Getting my touch up!

It was an amazing day and I would like to thank Maxted Thomas for hosting it, and the attending brands for sharing their knowledge and samples. I think it’s really fantastic that Maxted Thomas recognise and appreciate the role of bloggers in the ever-evolving beauty industry, and it was a pleasure to be included.

I’ll be posting soon about the fantastic beauty treatment ‘after-party’ of sorts that was held at the Benefit Boutique in Paddington. Yay!

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