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Review: Inika Mineral Liquid Foundation

$59.95 for 30mL


Inika’s Liquid Mineral Foundation was the first thing I have tried from their range, and I have been loving it!

– Creamy and hydrating, it contains rosehip oil and green tea extracts (yeah antioxidants!)

– Certified Organic

– My easily congested skin has not broken out (any more than my usual ‘one on the go’) from using this.

– Super easily blended, I just slap this on and rub and viola! An airbrushed, radiant base stares back at me!

– The plastic tube with pump applicator means no more smashed bottles – although sometimes air does get in and I need to squeeze the tube while pumping to get it flowing out again.

– A heads up for any girls out there who don’t enjoy scented products; this one does have a pretty strong smell… kind of like incense? It doesn’t bother me, but I know there are some of you who are sensitive to scents!


Have you tried any Inika products?

What did you think?

Are there any others that I should definitely try?


Endota Lavender & Alpine Pepper Hand Cream

Since returning home, which in my mind was like being plucked from the beach and dunked into ice water, my hands have shriveled in protest. The icy hair combined with the blast of my car heater has left them tight and dry.

Enter Endota Lavender and Alpine Pepper Hand Cream, which I received as part of the PRIMPED Look Book Event gift bag. I’d set it aside after the event for winter use, forgot about it, and now magically found it again – just when I needed it most! It hasn’t left my hand bag since.

The Lavender & Alpine Pepper scent (I never knew there was such a thing as pepper from the Alpine regions, but there you go) is strangely a great combination; soothing yet invigorating at the same time. Contradictory results, I know.

It’s extremely hydrating, but I wouldn’t say the formula rapidly absorbs. However once it has, it’s non-greasy and you won’t need to reapply for a good few hours, unless you’re craving your Alpine Pepper hit. In that case, go nuts.

Endota gets serious props in my book for using natural and organic all-Australian ingredients, having enviro-friendly and recycled packaging and for donating 1% of skincare sales to Bush Heritage Australia. Something that looks after you AND the Australian environment/wildlife – good one!

Review: Grown Vanilla & Orange Peel Hand Cream

Since the cold snap shimmied its way into Melbourne, I have been loving hand cream sick. As soon as that tight, dry feeling starts to sneak its way across the back of my hands and down my drier-than-a day-old-fish-finger digits – I’m on it. So I was clearly delighted when I came across Grown‘s Vanilla & Orange Peel Hand Cream.

Source: Grown

The formula is fantastic; completely non-greasy and really rapidly absorbed for such a hydrating cream. No marks on my computer! Orange dominates the vanilla in the battle of the scents, but overall it’s subtle. I would prefer vanilla to wear the pants in this relationship; the orange reminds me a little of orange chocolate, of which I’m not a fan. It’s definitely growing (ha!) on me though, and it clearly hasn’t been an offensive enough of a scent/taste connection to discourage me from repeatedly applying this skin-loving cream.

Grown is an organic beauty range providing products for the face, body and hair. The star Bio Active ingredients in this black metal tube (loving the sexy packaging by the way – yes, packaging can be sexy – to me at least) are the antioxidants from grape seed, wheatgerm and rosehip oil. Antioxidants are the guys that fight free radicals – nasties that can damage your skin, basically. The moisturising properties come from rosehip (once again, that hero ingredient) and camellia seed oil.Well done guys, you do an amazing job!

I’ve got 65ml’s to last me, but at the rate of current use, it will be a sad day when my Grown hand cream has to leave me.

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