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New: Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon

I want this perfume before I have even smelt it. I’ve carved out a position for it in my already overcrowded ‘perfume corner’ of my dresser, and told the oldies to be nice to the new kid.

As a complete and utter sucker for anything that comes in a nice bottle or box, Nina Ricci’s Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon has me head over heels for both. I’ve got no idea what it smells like, save for the description “raspberry, ginger, Beauty of the Night, tuberose, Centifolia rose with base notes of patchouli and sandalwood.” Yes, it intrigues me immensely, as does wanting to see the bottle in the bright glaring lights of David Jones. Oh, I jest, those lights are hideous.

Launching on May 1st, Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon is the limited edition updated version of the original Ricci Ricci, which was launched in 2009.

Here’s the advertising poster, and here’s exactly where it gets me; minxy girl with perfect eye makeup, the red criss crosses, the stunning bottle and the rooftops of Paris. Seriously, throw the Eiffel Tower and some Parisian streetscape into an ad for Ox Tongue and I’ll be the first in line at the butcher!

And the gorgeous box. Does anyone else keep the box when they buy perfume? Until you realise how ridiculous it is to have several (but pretty!) useless boxes lying around? Confession: I used to display them…

EDP 50ml for $95.00

The bottle; stunning. Escpecially the lid, with its obviously hard but soft looking loops of ribbon. And that red! Gorgeous! I want it in a dress and a lipstick and nail polish all at once!

Did you know that the bottle/box design is inspired by the famous photo shoot of Marilyn Monroe six weeks before her death, The Last Sitting? Shot by Bert Stern for Vogue, it features racy, sensual shots but here I pick a tamer one in case anyone is offended by nipples!


So, are you in love with the imagery and design as much as I am? Here’s hoping it smells just as good as it looks!


Benefit’s Lookin’ To Rock Rita

I was super stoked when last week, I won a bottle of Benefit’s Lookin’ To Rock Rita thanks to the hilarious Mrs. Woog. Mrs. Woog had posted on her Twitter account that the first person to call Raj at Benefit would win the bottle. Thinking I would have missed out, as several minutes – ten! –  had passed and you’d be crazy not to jump on such a fab opportunity, I called anyway and surprise – I was the first caller! I spoke to the lovely Raj and it was done – I was the winner of one of the newest gals to move into Crescent Row – Rita!

Now, I love perfume, adore it. Unfortunately I’ve always thought that I was rather rubbish at describing scents, but practice makes perfect right? Besides, scent is a very subjective thing, no? Maybe it’ll help if I use a heavy dose of personification…

Think of Rita as that older Aunt you have (or wish you have) –  the one that always make a dull moment fun, even though your Uncle on the other side is always muttering about her being crazy/loopy/off-the-friggen-hook. Your Uncle’s wife makes snide comments about the appropriateness of participating in extreme sports at such an age, especially when dressed in such ‘young’ clothing. Rita doesn’t care what anyone says, she’s just Rita, lookin’ to rock Rita. As a young child you were never allowed too much unsupervised time with Aunty Reets, ‘cos you just never knew what might happen, a spontaneous trip to the Gold Coast maybe? She always did tell you how fun roller coasters were. She loves citrus fruit smoothies, a vase of freesias and violets on her bench and burning vanilla candles (a little too close to the curtains!) As fun and loopy as some may find her, you always loved her for it, but even more for her innate softness when required. That warm hug and soothing comfort a night spent at her place, wrapped up in the rug she got from that paragliding trip to Guatemala. Nothings as soft and warm as a hug from Aunty Rita.

There, got an idea now? At first sniff, the scent reminded me of a ‘yellow’ perfume, typically associated with ‘older’ perfumes (think Chanel No 5) then burst into action with some youthful floral and citrus notes which danced around before finally settling into a very pretty and soft vanilla floral. Love it!

What was your first perfume?

You know, real big-girl perfume. Not just your collection of like, every Impulse body spray there was, including the special editions like the Spice Girls can (which smelt awesome by the way) and sometimes even double of your faves – mine was Incense I think.

My first real grown up, brand-name perfume was Anna Sui Dreams, which I begged everyone who would listen to buy me for my 14th birthday. My Uncle, reigning eBay King, had it shipped from somewhere and my birthday wishes came true. Now, 7 years on, I still have it for hoarding sentimental reasons – albeit a tiny blue drop in what was once an ocean of sweet smelling Dreams.

My one little drop of Anna Sui Dreams...

Yes, I still sniff it.

It brings back such a flood of memories from my teenage years – I made that bottle stretch for a good few years! I still love it, not only for the memories but also the scent, but I don’t know if I would buy it again.

So, I’d love to know –  what was your first perfume?
Are you still in love with it as you were back then?
Seriously regretting the way you smelt for a year or two?
Have you tried Anna Sui Dreams? Yummo!

Bond No. 9 New York

Imagine trying to capture the essence of a city in one fragrance. You would think its impossible, right? Especially if that city was New York; contradictory, complex, large, diverse and amazing.

Yet Bond No. 9 New York have taken on the responsibility  to ‘make scents of New York’, right down to the very neighborhood, beach, or even street.

The fragrances are housed in their trademark 5-point star bottles, with the design ranging from simple and classic to a clash of colours and Andy Warhol illustrations.

The scents are named after iconic streets and boroughs such as; Park Avenue, Brooklyn, Hamptons, Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue, Bryant Park, Central Park, Wall Street, Broadway Nite and so much more! The full listing of all the scents is here.

I was in their Bleecker Street boutique yesterday (I should really try and make it to their flagship, it looks amazing) and it was beautiful, the star-shaped bottles lined each wall floor to ceiling, and the medley of contrasting colours was such a delight to the eye, and the nose! Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take any inside pictures.

The exterior of the Bleeker St. boutique

The salesgirl who helped us was incredibly knowledgeable; each time we picked up a bottle she rattled off the base notes and key ingredients, which were often extremely interesting and unusual combinations. Fennel, crème brulée, roasted almonds and sandalwood anyone? It’s always so refreshing to deal with staff who know exactly what they are talking about, rather than getting ‘um’s…’.

Each scent I tried was as amazing as the next. The newest release, Andy Warhol Montauk, was a winner with both Erin and myself, and we received an adorable bon-bon wrapped sample. They were all so complex, intense (but not in an overpowering way) and unique to anything I have smelt before. You’re sure to stand out from the crowd wearing one of these, especially in Australia!

My sample cards and bon-bon take home!

I wish I could have come away with one, (or five) but at around $200 US a bottle (for the 100ml) it was out of my budget. You can get them shipped internationally, although you might want to wait until someone you know is going to the US – it’s $150 US…

It’s a definite must see (and smell) for anyone planning a trip to New York. Maybe break open that piggy bank and count your dollar coins so you can take home your favourite New York neighborhood!

Which one will you be?

I’m a ‘Special’ Beauty Product Saver. Are You?

Why is it that we ‘save’ some beauty products for only ‘special’ occasions? You know the ones. The accessories for our daily perfumes; the body washes and moisturisers that compliment and strengthen the scent. There are others; the expensive body oils, limited edition items, gifts that end up as display items rather than used ones.

Maybe it’s just me?

I’ve always done it though, whether keeping the complimenting body washes until there is no perfume left to marry it to, or waiting for an occasion to roll by that is worthy of my set aside ‘special’ products only to find they are so rarely used I forgot to even apply them.

Nearly two years ago I received a beautiful gift from my mother – a Chanel No5 scented body powder and puff, and the No 5 Sensual Body Elixir. How fabulously vintage-boudoir. While these items look beautiful on my dresser table, I can’t help but think they should be used more, rather than left to collect dust.

And so I found my quarter-year beauty resolution. Why shouldn’t I use these beautiful products on a regularly, if not daily, basis? Shouldn’t we all be able to justify each day as ‘special’ enough to pat oneself with a divinely scented No5 powder puff?

My bevvy of 'special' products.

My regular Palmolive shower body wash has been joined by my Marc Jacob’s Lola wash, and on nights out I am layering the scent of my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle with the adjoining body wash and moisturiser. I remind myself to make bedtime a little more luxurious with some of the No5 body oil, and I’m finding the delight in using the powder puff after a shower.

Keeping in mind I would never want to become blasé/desensitised about/to such beautiful, and expensive products (maybe that is why they were regarded as so special and to be saved in the first place? Knowing I couldn’t just run out and buy them myself?)  I will aim to not let them go to waste, while still appreciating and respecting the fact that these are not your run-of-the-mill daily beauty items.

Are you a product-saver?
What items do you regulate to special occasions only?

Beauty Traditions

Do you have a beauty tradition? A product that holds such value to you, sentimential or otherwise, that you can’t help but buy it?

I certainly do, and I call it my birthday tradition. Every birthday since I was 16, I have received a bottle of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. It’s become my signature scent that people associate with me and I love it.

I think all of Chanel’s fragrances are divine, from the sensual Allure and classic No5 to the fresh Chance, I find Coco Mademoiselle slots perfectly inbetween, flitting between flowery-fresh to deeper sensual notes. Wearable for both day and night, it’s been my staple of my perfume stable (one that takes up a large corner of my dresser.)

Other perfumes I love may come and go, but Coco Mademoiselle holds a special place for me, and I love the tradition of it.

Here’s me with the gorgeous art-deco inspired parfum bottle at my last birthday.


I’d love to hear of your beauty traditions or sentimental products!

Beauty Rituals

I thought of the idea for this post while preparing for a relaxing evening on the couch with my computer, tap-tapping away.

Wuuuhhh? Preparing?” you say. Yes, preparing.

While I do regular full body beauty rituals (hair, face, body, nails, skin, feet), usually on a Sunday afternoon/evening, (whenever I get the chance really…or remember) sometimes an urge hits to have a proper relax. Sometimes, my should-have-been-washed-a-few-weeks-ago Bonds sloppy Joe and whatever trackpants I can find just don’t cut it. So tonight, I prepared a little.

Which included;

-A double face cleanse, using Nude Oil Cleanser, followed by my regular cleanser. (Hint: if you wear primer/sunscreens regularly, double cleansing is great)

Image courtesy of Nude Skincare website

-Massaging in my new Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil (FYI: Day #2 and my skin is so smooth!) Followed by a light application of moisturiser.

Image courtesy of Trilogy

-Applying Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Eye Gel to tighten and moisturise the eye area. (I also have the gel for the face – such a great product)

Image courtesy of Jurlique website

-An exfoliation and quick tan using Swissper’s Tanning and Exfoliation Wipes

-Finally, a few spritzes of Victoria’s Secret Cashmere perfume which comes boxed in a gorgeous little cream cashmere (faux?) bag. The vanilla and jasmine scent is perfect for a luxurious relax session.

I completed the ‘ritual’ by donning the nicest (if you could even call them that, I need new ‘lounge wear’!) trackpants I own, and a sheer, oh-so-soft cotton top I bought while in Paris.

I’m relaxed, and loving the clean and prepared feeling that follows a routine like this.

Do you have your own ‘beauty ritual’? Weekly? Sporadically ?

Do you ever prepare to relax, or have a scent dedicated to relaxing?

Or do I sound crazy and this was a whole waste of time?

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