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How To: Prepare for a three-day music festival.

Ahh, memories. This was originally posted back in November 2009 on – and was actually my first piece of beauty writing! Can you imagine, never having really written anything like this, and then handing it to the Queen of Beauty Writing herself, Ms. Zoe Foster (sorry, Zo, I don’t know how to make the double dots come up about your ‘o’) – I was shakin’ in my boots, I tell you. Luckily, she is actually one of the nicest people I’ve met in the industry, along with her fellow Primped crew, Yaz and Cherie. I got my piece back looking like a two-year-old had taken an artistic fancy to it with red pen – but she was right; this waffled on too long here, sharpen this up, great work there, join this to there. I count myself lucky that during my few trips to Primped for work experience that I was able to have Zoe look over my work and talk to me about it, all the while passing on some fantastic advice, my favourite being; “You want to write a book? Okay, do it!” in response to the many people who ask her how they could possibly write a book.

Here it is, my very first beauty piece, which I thought fitting to publish considering it’s coming up to my blog’s 1st anniversary!

I’m going to a 3-day music festival which means sun, dust, and no showers! What are the essentials I should be packing?

Ahh, summer festival fun – it can be rocking out to your fave live bands (or at least pretending you know who the band is) or… dreadlocked hair, lobster-esque skin and wandering around clutching your broken sandals to you chest wailing “Where ARE my friends?!”

Either way, relax. We’ve prepared a three-part prep sheet to make sure you roll out of your tent in the morning looking all Kate Moss-y at her festival best.

Part One: The Face:

• Showing your skin some love in the proceeding weeks is going to ensure it’s in top condition to be all glowy and summer goddess-y while you party hard, man. At the least, do an exfoliation-hydrating mask combo the night before you head off.

• Au naturale is the look you’re after here, so leave the heavy duty makeup at home. Stick to a tinted moisturiser, a light dusting of bronzer, and some SPF lip gloss. Try : Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear Anti-ageing facial moisturising sunscreen SPF 30+, $14.95 or Hissyfit Saving Face moisturising tinted sunscreen SPF 30+, $55

• Mascara is probs not the best idea, as mirrors generally aren’t in abundance at these events, and checking up on panda eyes every half hour isn’t what you want to be doing – go have fun, lady! Alternatively, get a lash tint before you go.

• With all that rogue dust flying around, having a pack of makeup removing and cleansing face wipes is an absolute must to clean your face at night. Try: Nivea Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes, $7.50

• Throw a rapid pimple clearing gel into your beauty bag, to ward off any gatecrashing spots who think it’s a good idea to pop up and join the party. Try: Garnier Pure Active Anti spot roll on, $12.55

• And lastly, but MOST importantly: SUNSCREEN. It’s summer, and you are in a dirt field without shade! Go for a 2-in-1 sunscreen/tinted moisturiser, and make sure to reapply throughout the day.

Part Two of Festival Beauty: Hair

• Low maintenance is the name of the game, so take advantage of the SS 09/10 trends – think fat, undone-looking plaits, piecey, messy pony tails, topknots, and beachy styled waves.

• For your first day, grab some sea salt spray, layer it on with love, scrunch, make a side part, and enjoy the first day of somewhat styled hair. Try: KMS California Hair Play Sea Salt Spray, $36.95

• Then for day two, messily chuck your hair into a big fat plait that hangs to one side, resting over your shoulder.

• Day three, swipe it up into a top knot and throw on a headscarf for some pretty, coloured distraction.

• All the heat, dirt and raving may leave your locks a little lank prematurely, so have a can of dry shampoo on hand to rev them up again. Batiste Dry Shampoo is a sweet smelling winner at only $9.95, and cheaper than that can of pre-mixed vodka you’re going to line up for two hours for.

• The constant exposure to the sun can take its toll on your hair, so protect it with a nourishing UV protectant spray like, Kerastase Paris Soleil Micro-Voile Protecteur, $39.50. Or, even better, wear a hat.

Part three of festival beauty: Body

• Start building up a tan the week before with a gradual tanner, (also handy to pop in your bag for top ups as needed) Try: Palmer’s Coca Butter Formula Natural Bronze Firming Butter, $12.95

• Dust, sweat and no showers are part of the festival experience (“How much did I pay for this again?” – Tired and Dirty Girl, day three) so taking along some body wipes will help to make you feel human again, without showering. Try something like Johnson’s Baby Cleansing Wipes, $4.78

• A bottle of hand sanitiser is essential when you look down and wonder why it looks like you have been walking around on your hands all day.

• Just like your face, pile on the broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen to protect your skin, which is going to take a beating from a number of elements – sun, wind and that random guy’s can of VB. Nice. Try: Le Tan SPF 30+ Coconut Handsfree, $11.99

It’s going to be a long, grungy weekend, so get feral (within reason) and go with it.


PRIMPED S/S ’10/’11 Look Book Event

Ahh yes, it was that time of the year that rivals Chrissie or New Years in a beauty girl’s eyes, except this comes twice a year – the PRIMPED Look Book Event at David Jones! (Wanna read about the last one?)

After weeks of anticipation, sneak peeks of the cover and an agonising week-long wait for confirmed attendance to the event, Saturday was here. I attended as Valerie of Ponikuta‘s plus one, as I missed out on the guest selection, which is now random selection instead of first come first served.

That wasn’t the only change to the Look Book event – the new Editor of PRIMPED, Yaz Turker, replaced now Ed-at-LARGE (not literally, Zoe’s gorgeously petite!) Zoe Foster as host of the much coveted event. Yaz is just as gorgeous as Zoe (but we all knew that!), and did an awesome job at talking us through the new season trends, with the help of other industry experts from Priori, OPI, Rimmel, Hissyfit and Jo Malone.

Instead of a walking tour around the store, we guests stayed seated (which suited me and my muffin munching) while the experts and Yaz explained everything you need to know about beauty trends from head to toe – brights and nudes are in for your toe nails by the way. A model was used to demonstrate the makeup trends by Rimmel, which I learned has fab products for even fab-er prices. An eyeshadow quad for less than $15 dollars?! Someone read my mind!

A quick list of the things we learned from the Beauty Expertz & Look Book:

– Polished is in – hair, makeup, nails should all be looking ‘done’, not like those grotty London models we were all dying to look like before. No way. Get a hairbrush.
– Luminous, bright skin is not only awe-inspiring, but gives the appearance of younger skin, even if you have lines.
– ‘Squoval’ is the perfect shape for nails – squared with rounded edges.
– Thanks to Mad Men, ladylike glamour is back with a vengeance. Get ready for winged liner and beehives!
– If you’re doing your eyes, make sure to go on your bottom lash-line with some of the eyeshadow to balance it out.
– Dark red, merlot lips are a strong trend, but must be done to justice with perfectly even lined lips.
– Liner tip: start from the centre of the cupid’s bow, and again from the centre of bottom lip and work out.
– Lipstick will last longer if you roughly fill in with liner, then powder over, then apply lippy, then marvel at your lips that last for hours!
– Don’t forget your brows! Important! Get them shaped to your face, and maintain the strong look with powder.

The adorable Yaz and I. Check out that skin, amazing!

Keep your eyes out for the tip, trend and fun packed Look Book, found at David Jones counters, featuring the amazing Christina Hendricks (of Mad Men fame) on the cover. Man, she’s daymn fiiiiiine and I wouldn’t mind swapping places with her for a day, just to be all minx-y, voluptuous and well-mam-endowed.

Review: St. Ives Fresh Skin Warming Scrub

And here’s another St. Ives goody to come out of the PRIMPED VIP Club post bag! I applauded at the time, because as you may have read, I’m a big fan of old Fresh Skin Warmie’s cousin, Apricot Scrub.

Image: Primped

The Fresh Skin Warming Scrub is different, but still effective. The exfoliating granules are finer than those of the Apricot Scrub, which will please the critics of the bigger, rougher gains found within the Apricot Scrub. The Warming Scrub’s grains feel like sugar, and the creamy gel-formula has a wash of pink tint and fresh scent which makes it a perfect coming into Spring product! Just look at the bright flowery packaging, it’s making me smile!

I found the warming most effective when I rubbed the product in between my fingers before applying to my face, rather than directly applying. When directly applied, I couldn’t feel the warming sensation at all, so I figure giving it a good rub in your hands first activates the warming magic. And ooo does that magic feel good!

For the cheap as chicken-salted-chips price, this scrub was effective in making my skin smooth and glow-y, with the added bonus of a little hi-tech warming magic!

I reviewed this product as part of the PRIMPED VIP Club, to read what everyone else thought, click here.

A day at PRIMPED & a Letter(s) to Juliet

Yesterday I flew up to Sydney to do a little spot of work experience at PRIMPED aka ‘The go-to for the how-to’ of beauty. When I say flew up, I mean; arrived at the airport to discover the flight I had booked actually left yesterday morning.

Ohhh. Can anyone say ‘calender skillz’? So a new flight was re-booked (ouch) and I was on my way.

The PRIMPED team of Editor Yasemin and Beauty Writer Cherie are just the bees knees of friendliness, as are their funky online sisters, The Knot, and Younger You.

It’s a nice little progression isn’t it? PRIMPED for all your on-trend beauty advice, making you such a babe guys are falling at your feet proposing (and for your rockin’ personality too). Cue The Knot, for all  your wedding needs, and then Younger You comes in to keep you looking as fresh as the day you said ‘I do’. Thanks guys!

After the office day was over, Yas, Hayley, Cherie and I went to go get the cinema for PRIMPED’s first advanced screening competition organised.

The film was Letters to Juliet, the cinema was purple (how fitting!) and the gift bags were readied. Guests had Revlon to thank for those; the small bag packed a punch with the amount of cool prodz jammed inside.

The goody bags full of Revlon, Blistex etc!

While the film had a few cringe-worthy-yet-cute moments, it was great viewing and the night was a big success. I’m sure the competition winners would have been happy with their loot!

Cherie & I (left) getting ready to hand out the bags.

If you want to see the rest of the PRIMPED Screening Pics, go here.

Thanks to the PRIMPED team for having me again!


Revlon® ColorBurst™Lipstick

As part of my role as a PRIMPED VIP member I have to use, test and review products sent to me – such a tough gig!

And I must say, I was super stoked to receive Revlon® ColorBurst™Lipstick in shade #025 Carnation. I had always wanted to try a bright lip (which you can read about here) so having this pretty-as-punch lipstick delivered right to my door was perfect.

The formula is creamy yet light and with almond oil listed as one of the moisturisers, it’s definitely kind to your lips. I wouldn’t count on it being touchable and creamy all day though, I found I did have to reapply every hour or so to sustain the finish and moisture that I wanted. (That may have just been a reflection of the condition of my lips at the time though.)

I loved the colour, Carnation, which was a super pretty pinky-red with just the right amount of pop. I would definitely recommend this colour to anyone (like me) who loves the bright lip look but doesn’t want to dive straight into the deep end with some radical in yo’ face pigment. I found that it was easy to build and blend until you found the perfect intensity, and also faded evenly. It also looked great after just one swipe with a thin layer of gloss over the top. Multitask-er!

For only $23.95, it’s definitely an option for entry into the lipstick league. The packaging and look of the lipstick had a vibe of luxe, and the black quilted case and Revlon stamp on the stick itself channeled Chanel in my mind.

ColourBurst™ has definitely got my vote, as an affordable lipstick that delivers everything you need, including a pretty pout.

To read the other VIP members reviews, click here.

Image from Primped.

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