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Kiehl’s Flagship Store NYC

And what a beautiful store it is!

While I don’t regularly use any Kiehl’s products myself, I have always admired the company’s history, ethos and customer service. I love the simple yet still visually appealing packaging, and when I have visited stores, found their customer service to be fantastic. A thorough explanation of a product and a few sachets to test with have always been the norm for any store I have visited – something I really appreciate in good customer service.

It’s suffice to say I had high hopes for my visit to the Kiehl’s flagship store on 3rd Avenue in the East Village of Manhattan. It was the original Kiehl’s store and pays homage to the history of a apothecary store turned beauty mega-brand that’s been tending to ailments of all kinds since 1851.

The smaller store front.

The store, on historical ‘Pear Tree Corner’ has two entrances; one is a more modern and grand entrance, the other, a smaller ‘original’ entrance to the store, complete with vintage bottles of potions and lotions stacked in wooden boxed shelves. It was fascinating to read the labels!

Upon entering the doorway, you are greeted with a mini Kiehl’s ‘museum’ – a time-line that shares the incredible Kiehl’s story; complete with original artifacts of the time, new products launches and historical events. You really get a sense for Kiehl’s ingrained place in New York City history and community. The company even survived the stock market crash of 1929 – now that’s love!

The store itself is everything a beauty-nut like myself could dream of; products stacked high to the ceiling, vases filled with lip balms, white lab-coated assistants floating around with exactly the right amount of presence. The grand chandeliers hanging from the ceiling help give a great glowing light that really accentuates the wooden surroundings and adds to a definite homely vibe thanks to a wall of ‘Kiehl’s babies’ baby photos and other knick-knacks placed around the store.

The beautiful interior

After all the browsing and sampling, I was good to go. The waves in my hair had been refreshed, my arms and shoulders SPF-ed, and my neck and hands on the way to being wrinkle free. It really was product overload. So much to absorb, both visually and physically through the skin!

Luckily there was also a cafe bar in the store, with coffee, fresh milk and cookies to quell any pangs of thirst or hunger worked up while shopping.

Every product you could dream of AND an ice cream sandwich? I’m in heaven!

Have you been to the Kiehl’s flagship?
What did you think?
Would you put this on your NYC things to see list?


I’m a ‘Special’ Beauty Product Saver. Are You?

Why is it that we ‘save’ some beauty products for only ‘special’ occasions? You know the ones. The accessories for our daily perfumes; the body washes and moisturisers that compliment and strengthen the scent. There are others; the expensive body oils, limited edition items, gifts that end up as display items rather than used ones.

Maybe it’s just me?

I’ve always done it though, whether keeping the complimenting body washes until there is no perfume left to marry it to, or waiting for an occasion to roll by that is worthy of my set aside ‘special’ products only to find they are so rarely used I forgot to even apply them.

Nearly two years ago I received a beautiful gift from my mother – a Chanel No5 scented body powder and puff, and the No 5 Sensual Body Elixir. How fabulously vintage-boudoir. While these items look beautiful on my dresser table, I can’t help but think they should be used more, rather than left to collect dust.

And so I found my quarter-year beauty resolution. Why shouldn’t I use these beautiful products on a regularly, if not daily, basis? Shouldn’t we all be able to justify each day as ‘special’ enough to pat oneself with a divinely scented No5 powder puff?

My bevvy of 'special' products.

My regular Palmolive shower body wash has been joined by my Marc Jacob’s Lola wash, and on nights out I am layering the scent of my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle with the adjoining body wash and moisturiser. I remind myself to make bedtime a little more luxurious with some of the No5 body oil, and I’m finding the delight in using the powder puff after a shower.

Keeping in mind I would never want to become blasé/desensitised about/to such beautiful, and expensive products (maybe that is why they were regarded as so special and to be saved in the first place? Knowing I couldn’t just run out and buy them myself?)  I will aim to not let them go to waste, while still appreciating and respecting the fact that these are not your run-of-the-mill daily beauty items.

Are you a product-saver?
What items do you regulate to special occasions only?

PRIMPED A/W ’10 Look Book Event

PRIMPED Look Book  -noun
1. A gorgeously designed and conveniently handbag sized bi-annually published mini-magazine showcasing all things beauty; seasonal trends, new ‘prodz’, tips and tricks. Chock-a-block with and information, pretty pictures and the perfect amount of fun. Wheee!
2. What, you need another definition? Go pick one up from David Jones and find out for yourself!

A/W '10 Look Book

I attended the first ever Look Book event held last year, which was fantastic, so with a taste of what to expect, I was more than excited for the Autumn/Winter ’10 offering.

The ever-effervescent Zoe Foster, Editor-in-Chief of PRIMPED, was our hostess for the event, guiding us through the David Jones beauty floor (like the pied piper of beauty!) and the newest beauty trends for the season.

Zoe explaining the benefits of Ultraceuticals Retinol range.

Once we were seated again, it was Q&A time – a chance to pick the brain of one of the best beauty editors out there, not an everyday occurrence, and a few girls (including myself – red based vs orange based red lipsticks, and tips for the perfect liquid liner) raised their hands.

Our session over, a friend and I took the chance to thank Zoe for the event and get a picture. Major groupiez? Us?

Beth, Zoe and I.

Oh, and see that huge white bag cutting into my arm almost to the point of amputation? Yeah, that’s the INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE goodie bag we got. More than ‘goodie’ bag – freakin’ awesome bag! This picture may help illustrate just how insanely amazing said freakin’ awesome bag is:

If this was an audio file it might sound something like this: "EeeeeeeeeeeEeEEeEeEEE omgzzz wooooooooooooooo"

A huge thanks to PRIMPED, Zoe, and David Jones’ George (for photo-taking and organising goodie bag) for a wonderfully fun and informative night, I look forward to the ones to come (and the goodie bag…)

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