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Mecca Maxima: Beauty Maximised

As you may have heard, Mecca Maxima opened last week in Melbourne Central – to the squeals of joy of many a beauty enthusiast. Touted as Australia’s answer to the beauty super store Sephora, for the sake of a bit of investigative journalism (who am I kidding I couldn’t get myself there faster!) I went to check it out last Thursday.

Ohhh boy. Ohhh my. It’s glorious. It’s everything I love about the beauty section of department stores, (except the entire store is the beauty department!) – shiny white surfaces you can almost see your reflection in, makeup and skincare prods as far as the eye can see, smiling assistants who don’t overcrowd you and bright splashes of colour with funky posters to keep it all interesting. I’m in LOVE.

One half of the glorious Mecca Maxima

I especially love the little baskets for your goodies that have a sign attached. One side says ‘HELP!’ if you’re clueless about your cleansers, while the other says ‘Busy Browsing’ if you know your blush, sorry, stuff  – isn’t that neat?! Another amazing part of the Mecca Maxima is experience is the in-store Events they have scheduled. What a way to get everyone together for some free and fun pampering? What a way to show girls who may be a little ‘hrm me don’t know ’bout this beauty biz!’ that it’s just all about a bitta fun and don’t be shy there Susie come get yo’ nails done! If you’re in Melbourne today, Wednesday or Friday head down to Mecca Maxima for their ‘Paint & Polish Pronto!’ event for a free polish. I’m definitely going to be heading up on the 29th of October for their Big Beauty Carnival, what a day!

While I didn’t pick anything up on the day (had it been pay day…) I certainly did leave with the current brochure, which is enough to satisfy your beauty lust by just looking at the thing…for a few minutes anyway. Products I didn’t even know existed jumped off the page and shouted how much I needed them. Yes, need. All in good time my pretties… and I may have been stroking the page as these thoughts ran through my head.

Yep, it’s beauty MAXimsed!


It’s so cheap, I must be on NARS.

I visited Times Square today, and amid the hustle and bustle of taxi horns and a million camera flashes going off, there was one beacon of joy and black and white simplicity that reached out and dragged me towards it. Sephora. The everything-beauty-mega-store.

One of the first make up brand counters I saw was NARS, which is stocked at Mecca Cosmetica in Australia, and may I say – expensive. That’s why my jaw hit the floor when I looked at the prices underneath the rainbow of blush samples popping out against their black background. No way!! Yes way. These prices were real, and I was in the midst of an Orgasm-overload as I rapidly applied the cult fave to either side of my face. And then I found the liquid illuminator version, gave a little squeal, and applied some more. And then searched for the bronzer on my wish-list, Laguna, and chucked that on too with the zest of a five-year-old discovering Mummy had finally left her make up draw unlocked. Needless to say, my face was a muddy-pink mess but I didn’t care. Just like the sales lady didn’t really care when I kept gushing, “No you don’t understand! This stuff is like $80 in my country!! Eeeeek!”

I finally left with 3 products, my first-ever NARS:
-‘Orgasm’ Blush
-‘Laguna’ Bronzer
-‘Orgasm’ Illuminator

Which came to a grand total of $87. (Okay, not including the $7 tax)
Had I have made the same purchase in Ausralia? $203.

Pause for dramatic effect.

Do you need an extra second? I sure did.

I think I’ll have to go back to try some foundation, which is only $41 dollars, give or take a few greens. (We’re in the US here..)

I’m so excited to incorporate these products into my everyday makeup routine and mix and match with different looks. (Bonus: guilt free!) Not only for the rave reviews and cult-classic status these products, in particular, Orgasm have, but for the luxe, stylish packaging, and as I’ve mentioned, I’m a sucker for chic packaging! The clip top powder cases are sturdy, and the black casing has a velvetly-rubber feel you could touch all day. Which I think I might.

Joy. Glee. Elation.

In new-prod-heaven,

Holly. x

Beauty Memoirs from Paris

An extract from the blog I kept while living in Paris in 2008…

I went to Sephora today (massive amazing department store JUST for beauty, makeup perfume etc – heaven!) I stopped at the massive Lancome counter, which really took up half the store’s wall, and was looking at a mascara when the salesgirl girl said in her adorable French accent, “Oh can I help you?” I replied that I was just looking, but then she started showing me the new mascara that had a little bit of sparkle, and suggested strongly that I should try it. I started to hesitate, then she said “Come on on the chair!”

Hoping she didn’t have her heart set on me buying anything (financially struggling au pair remember!) she hesitated before she put it on and said “Oh don’t you want some eyeshadow first?!” So eyeshadow and liner was applied, then the fancy mascara. I think it must have been her translation, but in English it didn’t come out so well …. because every time she would do something she would smile and say “that’s better!” Um, thanks?
So my eyes were all made up, and paused, squinting, before saying “Non, non you need the skin done!” So after a few more “Yes that’s better, that’s better” (with little nods by the way) I was all made up (little too much blush for my liking, but oh well just got my makeup done free!) and trying to act like I was contemplating a purchase, then said I’d like the foundation number on a card so I could come back another time…maybe.  Many merci beacoups were shared and I was out, parading my new “better” face down the Champs-Élysées!

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