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First Thoughts: Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector

This was one of the products that was on my ‘while-in-the-US’ shopping list that I somehow ran out of time to get! Luckily, my boyfriend was still on his man-trip so was of course readily available to pop into Sephora for the left-behind goodies. Of course! The whole point of going on a guy trip is to buy your girlfriend cheap cosmetics from beauty mega-mart Sephora, right? He loved it!

I’m lucky there were very minimal complaints from his end (actually hardly any), because I don’t think my post-holiday budget would have allowed for it  – but in the US it’s basically half price across the whole board of Clinique products – woo hoo!

Whatever dollar you’re living on, from first impressions I think it’s worth it! I’ve been loving Clinique’s Even Better Skin Tone Corrector serum since I started using it about 3-4 weeks ago, interchanging it with my other serum-of-the-moment, GloTherapeutics Renew Serum (part of my anti-breakout artillery). I’ve been wanting to get the benefits of both, so I know not to expect the results from Even Better as soon as promised. To be honest I didn’t notice any difference in pigmentation for the first two weeks. Both serums exfoliate the skin as part of their job, so it’s quite a complimentary duo.

My only concerns with pigmentation are from past pimple scarring (yes, I’m a picker, I know it’s naughty, I can’t help it!) and the one big red mark that’s been my benchmark to gauge effectiveness is now starting to get smaller, hopefully a trend that feels like continuing!

After applying one pump of the white serum (either day and night or just day), my skin is velvet-soft and stays that way all day. My velvet bed, I mean skin, becomes the perfect base for makeup, my foundation sliding on effortlessly. If I’ve had the serum on all night, my skin upon waking is fantastic – super smooth, even toned and pores minimised. If only it would stay like that all day!

Hopefully as the weeks go on I will continue to see some fabbo results, I do have some pretty dark scarring patches so Even Better definitely has its work cut out for it!

And how’s this! That sweetheart boyfriend of mine declined to be paid back when he got home, “No, it’s a pressie, sugarplum-pumpki-pie!”

As if! There’s no way in hell I’d allow a guy to call me that.


There’s A New Prod On My Shelf!

Please welcome Glo Therapeutics glo Renew Serum! This is the latest little potion to fight its way into my already over-packed, bulging-at-the-zippers beauty case. Note to self: You are a chronic over-packer and need serious help.

So ideally, buying more heavy, liquid filled glass bottles isn’t the best thing when you are bordering the line between a friendly airline worker giving you a wink and letting you off, or a hefty fine for overweight luggage. But I couldn’t resist the promise of a new product to fix my skin woes.

After my facial at Glen Ivy Day Spa (oo what a post that will be!), my therapist told me about the skin care range that was used during my treatment. This is where I get my cynical look on, (think eyebrow raised one millimeter above resting point, with a touch of ‘don’t think I’m falling for more expensive promises’ in my eyes) and listen to the spiel.

My skin care concern is congestion and breakouts that occur deep under my skin, resulting in bumps that are unattainable until they take their sweet-ass time coming to the surface. I’m talking months. Ohh, only mildly frustrating! Therefore, my therapist suggested something more effective than just using a manual facial scrub applied to the surface of the skin. She was not happy with just that. Something that works deeper within the skin to speed up cell renewal, absorb excess oil, mildly exfoliate, smooth my skin and help fade scarring was prescribed, and the glo Renew Serum ticked all those boxes.

I was still holding fast to this look, but I had to tell you it was fading. Surely a serum with 7% Glycolic acid, 2% Salicylic acid and 1% Retinol would be getting up near the $100 dollar mark? Tentatively, I asked how much, as I would be lying if the promises made didn’t pique my interest.”$36 dollars,” she replied. Sorry, therapist said wuh? Yep, $36 US dollars. I was sold!

I use the serum every second evening after cleansing, locking it in with liberal amounts of moisturiser as suggested. I haven’t had any adverse reactions to the strength of the serum, such as dryness or flaking – it’s actually only been positive! After each application (I think I’m onto my third) I wake up with super soft skin that is even textured, my congested areas are smooth and the appearance of the last remaining bumps are smaller. Obviously I will have to wait it out to test the long term effects of this product, but so far – I love it!

You can buy online at the Glo Therapeutics online store, but a little research has showed that there are some Australian stockists of their mineral make up range, Glo Minerals. You can search for a stockist near you here, as they may also carry the skin care line.

Had you heard of Glo Therapeutics before?
Tried it?
Interested in hearing about my long term results?

Review: Pantene Pro-V Night Miracle

Image courtesy of

I’m a conditioner junkie. I use far too much of it in the shower to detangle my often unruly locks, slop on hair masks like the tub is never ending, and enjoy a good leave in spray.

When I realised this bottle of Pantene Pro-V was some form of conditioner, I was stoked. Then I read, ‘Night Miracle Creme Serum’. Pfft, said my skeptical side, what a marketing ploy – as if you need a serum especially for night time! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t also worried about it leaving my hair lank and greasy. And how do I apply it? Wet or dry hair? Pantene, you left me in the dark with the instructions, bud! Oh, the fear of the unknown!

So I winged it, applying to clean dry hair before bed, and awoke to silky hair sans tangles! Joy! My hair is shoulder-length and quite thick, and as claimed, there was no residue. Not even on my sheets. The liquid-gel formula seems to disappear when you apply it to your strands.

I’m not sure how much active ‘repairing’ this serum gets up to, if it all, (mostly due to the * sign after the word repair – actually meaning “smoothens roughened surface”, but I suppose repair is the same thing…) but for only $9.99, it definitely does make your hair silky smooth and more manageable, and has a firm place on my dresser table, aka top prodz in my lyfe aka TPIML.

I received this product as part of the PRIMEPD VIP club, to read other member’s reviews, click here.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

Where has this been all my life?!

Image courtesy of Trilogy

“This lightweight, non-greasy, golden oil contains Omega 3, 6 & 9, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to restore optimum skin health.” – Trilogy

I’ve only got myself to blame, I was a bit slow on the uptake. It’s not like there was a shortage of glowing reviews for me to absorb. I read them often, but they never drove me to action, and I’m not sure why. Did I think that a 100% natural, organic product wouldn’t be as effective as the chemical-laden products were are accustomed to? Maybe.

Woah-ho-ho I am wrong. I love this stuff. I mean, really truly love. I spout it’s merits to anyone who will listen, and also those who won’t.

I apply 3-4 drops into my finger tips at nighttime and massage into my skin. Using that much does make your skin look and feel oily, but I love the richness for nighttime. It does absorb fully after a while, so don’t be too concerned. In the mornings I add a drop to my SPF daily moisturiser. It blends seamlessly and adds an extra kick of life to the appearance of my skin. And some mornings I really need that!

I wasn’t planning on writing about this until at least 2 months of use, but I couldn’t wait that long!

The main deserves-a-medal points:

-It fades red marks left by old blemishs mega/really/super FAST. A particularly nasty red spot on my cheek has nearly disappeared, and I’m amazed.

-It makes your skin glow like nothing else. Truly radiant and I find myself using half the illuminator I used to.

-My skin is so so plump after it has been absorbed. As bouncy as a jumping castle.

-I rubbed it in to my boyfriends fine line around his eyes, and they disappeared for two days. Two.

It’s only $20 dollars. Yeah.

If you are a fence-sitter like I was, I seriously suggest you get your hands on a sample or pinch some from a friend. It’s improved the condition of my skin greatly, and I’d love to gain members to the ‘I Love Rosehip Oil’ club. (We meet Tuesdays, but I’m totally flexible as I am currently the only member…I know of)

Warning: I got a friend to try my rosehip oil the other night, after rattling off all the benefits as above, and she totally agreed and loved it for the first 12 hours… and then broke out in a rash. Shit. Didn’t expect that! So do a test patch on a thinner patch of skin (eg. underside of arm) first before applying to whole face to check for any allergic reactions. As we all should before starting any new product I suppose, but it’s one that slips the mind.

UPDATE: A few days later, I remembered I had put a second product (Natio’s GLOW face cream) on my friends face the morning of the mysterious rash breakout. This was welcome news to my friend, who after having the glowing results for a few hours before the rash popped up, was a little bit shattered her skin wouldn’t get to experience the benefits of rosehip again.

So, we did a patch test with the two products on the inside of each arm, and a day later, it turned out the Natio cream was what she was allergic to! Huzzah!

But still, do a patch test before using, as a red rash isn’t welcomed by most.

Gleeful Spiel: Great PR

You know those moments that restore your faith in large companies? Well maybe you don’t, they can be quite rare! I had one last week and was just so thrilled I had to share it.

Back story: Since receiving Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Gel for Christmas, I had adored and used it with equal enthusiasm. I thought of it as my pre-anti-aging serum. Until the pump broke… Tears, I know. Like a child my lip quivered. “But there’s just so much left in it! Nooo!” I wailed as my boyfriend tried to fix it, only causing the serum to pour out like a seeping wound. Oh the drama.

Not accepting an early end for my Recovery Gel, I tweeted Jurlique’s PR company, Saunders & Co PR asking if there was any possible way I could organise a replacement pump. I promptly received a direct message back, stating that Jurlique would be contacting me soon.

Sure enough, an hour later I received an email (not sure how they got that, but props for initiative) from Carla Fullgrabe, Customer Care Manager, asking for my address and what size bottle I have, so that a replacement could be sent out. Reply sent with my details, confirmation that my pump has been sent out, all within twenty-four hours.

A few days later (save for the Easter public holidays) and my pump arrived. Win, win, win.

Stellar PR, Saunders/Jurlique, stellar. You have really set the bar for companies that I may deal with in the future. I am one happy girl.

Have you had any great experiences (or shockers) with PR companies or customer care?

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