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Rash Decisions End In Tears – Normally.

A fancy night out is always a great excuse to trial new prods, right? Well yes, and no.

Usually, the pre-event rush to get ready raises stress levels and drains blood away from where it’s needed most (the brain, more specifically the “getting ready cortex” nestled somewhere between the somatosensory cortex and the parietal lobe. Just call me a regular doctor.) and rash decisions are made. Decisions like, “Oh, why don’t I just try this new way of curling, that I’ve never done before, that I probably just made up,  maybe with this old can of mousse I’ve never used! No, that’s not rusting at the bottom! It’s just…brown metal!”

Those kind of decisions, coupled with an hour that mysteriously vanished and you have yourself a disaster, or in my case, multiple disasters. Sometimes, I just don’t learn! (On one hand, it’s allowed me to empathise with men and their extremely questionable choices when their blood rushes out of their brain…south, on the other, I usually just wonder where my blood goes and sulk about another silly choice that didn’t live up to the glamzon, Victoria’s Secret hair I envisaged 30 minutes before my taxi arrived. Is it really too much to ask for?)

So, last week, when I was looking at the clock and thought, “Sugar! Fruitcake! Where did that time go? I need to get ready for the Tiffany & Co. Recognition Dinner!” my mind raced to a new beauty product that had just arrived – Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion. Should I risk it? There’d be no time for a shower if all went wrong and I looked like a clag stick rolled in glitter… Oh! And I’ll also need something for my hair… (Cue rustling around my beauty drawers) These sachet samples of Tigi Catwalk Your Highness will do! Perfect! Some volume will do me good, it’s raining. The sensible part of my brain, its blood supplies rapidly draining, was shouting ‘Don’t do it! Do you ever learn?!’ before it too switched off. Oh, the dizzying high of making unsupported bad decisions about your appearence in front of Very Important People (and National Managers.)

Prtty Peaushun's funky packaging...

BUT (yes there’s a but with this event!) – finally, it all worked out, and I have these fantastic beauty products to thank! Prtty Peaushun is amazing; it gives subtle glow and shimmer to your limbs, without making you look like a disco ball, and contains active ingredients to help firm your skin and cover imperfections. LOVE! Probably the most amazing thing about it? It comes off your hands. That doesn’t seem like a huge thing, but to anyone else who has experienced the frustration of putting on a shimmery moisturiser only to find that their palms are now permanently glitter-fied will be just as excited as me. It washes easilly off your hands, yet I didn’t find a speck of it on my dress. Winning! (Couldn’t resist a Sheen-ism.)

I used the Tigi Catwalk Your Highness shampoo, conditioner, then blowdried with the Thickening Gel Cream. After only a few seconds under the heat, I could tell this stuff was working. I got worried I was creating a monster – my already thick hair coupled with this powerful stuff? How ridiculous! But my idea was to pile it up in a bun, blast with the heat, cool and then tousle out – finally, Vicky S hair! Alright, so once again VS status was sadly not achieved, but woah did I have volume. Never before seen volume. Ladies who like their handbags big but their hair bigger, get on this range!

Some evidence of my Woah Nelly volume, which is big for me as I’m not usually a ‘big’ hair kinda girl… Those smudging roots do look dark in these photos, luckily I’m getting my hair done today! Yippee! I had a couple of comments on my lippy from Twitter, in case you too are wondering, it’s this one.

I must not get too smug over this once-off success… one can have big hair, but not a big head – I’m sure next time it’ll be back to the same old circa 2002 cans of mystery…

So, do you make the same rash decisions when primping and priming? I’d love to hear of your disasters! Yep, make me feel better about some of my previous shockers, let’s just say thank goodness for the top knot!

PS. Held at Carousel in Albert Park, the Tiffany & Co. dinner was stunning.












Wella SP Has The Answer To Your Hair’s MCD

MCD? Multiple Condition Disorder! Unlike their bodies who they’re attached to who may suffer from the more commonly known Multiple Personality Disorder, hair strands can have a lot going on. They’re coloured, yet frizzy in areas, limp in others and could definitely do with a dose of shine.

So what does that mean for you, when you’re standing in the supermarket aisles or your hairdresser is standing there asking you what you’re after in your take-home haircare range? Well, for anyone like me who has trouble with decisions, (like that time the perplexing choice between a spinach and ricotta roll or a sausage roll for lunch brought on a panic attack. Yep, embarrassing true story!) it means a whole lot of pondering on what means more to you, smooth strands or high volume?

Thanks to Wella SP’s new take-home products designed to complement their in-salon treatments, MCD may become a thing of the past. How refreshing, a whole new world of flexibility and choice with your haircare regime!

I received three of the new Wella SP products to trial, and I have been super impressed with all of them. My hair has been loving its new routine of Shine Define shampoo ($32) followed by Colour Save conditioner ($32) – (Although I think with the state of my colour there’s no saving it now! Eek I need a hairdresser appointment badly!)

The Wella SP Volumize Mask ($34) definitely took out top honours for its amazing work on my mum’s extra fine and sometimes in need of a big lift hair. I passed the mask over to her, as my bouffant thick locks didn’t need volume as much as hers do! I saw her one morning and was so surprised about her bouncing big locks, and she told me it was the Wella SP mask, and get this – with no blowdrying, just letting it air dry.

Get outta town, Ma! I really did not believe it.

Do you feel the same way as me when standing in the supermarket aisles?

Don’t you just love the idea of a mix and match haircare regime, depending on your needs at the time?

Isn’t that story about the sausage roll ridiculous?! I know!

Dry Shampoo Bonanza!

I consider myself somewhat of a dry shampoo connoisseur. While I may not have tried every brand on the market, I have a long and eventful history with what I like to call ‘miracle in a can’.

Back in the days before dry shampoo was the latest buzz product, the ultra-clever (or so we thought) trick that my friends and I would use was baby or talcum powder sprinkled through your roots. Of course, the brunette girls never fared well with this one, but as a majority blonde, it worked a treat. (Also hid roots wonderfully!)

Moving forward a year or two- a freak sleeping accident left with me with a dislocated neck and in a Regina-from-Mean-Girls style ‘Halo-brace’ (four bolts drilled into my head attached to four poles that met in a plastic brace around my stomach) for three months – no, I’m not even kidding – meant once a fortnight supervised showers up at the Alfred Hospital. Once. A. Fortnight. I’m not an everyday-hair-wash kinda girl, but once every two weeks is seriously pushing it. So, trusty Mum went and searched the hospital pharmacy and came back with a can of dry shampoo. I was 16, and it was the first I had ever heard of it. I don’t recall the brand but it was in an old-school Cedel-style aerosol can, and I remember the label saying it was perfect for the “elderly and bed-ridden”. Great, just what a teenager trying to accept her new metal accessory (my dear brother called it my “roll cage”) wants to hear.

But, it was the start of a long love affair with dry shampoo, so I thought I would share with you some of the brands I have tried over the years, with my two cents thrown in .

In no particular order:

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Dry Shampoo: I love this one so much that I’ll put up with the label being wRitTeN LiKe tHiS…. It’s probably the one I have re-purchased the most, I find it gives a good boost of volume, cleans effectively and doesn’t leave any white residue. Nice smell too! I buy from Priceline for about $8 dollars I think, and it comes in a mini size too, which I carry in my gym bag. Love the hot pink can, and it’s quite long lasting. Winner!

Batiste Coloured Dry Shampoo Brunette: Since having balayage/smudging done to my hair, I’ve been able to trial the Brunette version of the ever-popular Batiste range of dry shampoos. Brunette girls can find that dry shampoo leaves a white dusty tinge to their dark hair, and while I loved this for adding a few extra weeks to nasty regrowth while I was blonde, it’s not ideal for the brunettes among us! Enter the brown coloured dry shampoo, which works perfectly, only without the white tinge. Smells of vanilla, which I loved!

Batiste Dry Shampoo: The original formula comes in a few different flavours such as floral Blush or pineapple-like Tropical. I love scented products so these don’t bother me, but if you’re not a fan/sensitive to flavours and scents, best stick to something natural like the Klorane dry shampoo (which I have never tried as it always looked a bit boring to me!) The Batiste range also comes in mini size like the Lee Stafford, and I buy from Priceline at the budget friendly price of around $7-9 dollars.

A few flavours of Batiste.

Cedel Dry Shampoo: I received this from a goodie bag, and while the newer, more modern take on the old Cedel cans was nice, this dry shampoo didn’t do it for me, and I wouldn’t re-purchase it. Ahh, I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but there was far too much white powder that came out with each spray, and it was really quite difficult to brush out. Normally, there is some white powder to contend with, as that is what helps soak up the oil, but the Cedel was just overload. After brushing and patting my roots plenty of times, the white powder tinge remained, not to mention my brush was covered in white powder, and has been so difficult to remove. Sorry, but I’m not a fan!

TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo: ($11.49) I was sent this can for consideration, and while I love the sleek packaging, lemon-powder scent and larger size, it hasn’t fulfilled all the requirements of a winning dry shampoo for me. After spraying, which left minimal white powder (points there), and brushing/rubbing through, I felt that it didn’t leave my roots with that ‘run your fingers through it’ softness or cleanliness. In fact, it felt kind of sticky and thick… which is why I have changed from trying to use it as a dry shampoo, to a spray to add extra texture and hold when I’m doing volume-ponytails or an up-do. Try that out if you have been getting the same results as I was.

De Lorenzo Essential Treatments Absorb Dry Shampoo: ($17.95) I adore the entire Essential Treatments range, it’s an absolute winner. Apart from their Australian owned and made pedigree, their products smell divine, use the wonder ingredient rose hip oil and are packaged in a beautiful pale pink. They got me! Their dry shampoo, Absorb, is more expensive than the Lee Stafford-types of the group, but the price reflects the fact that it is a salon range. Plus, it’s fantastic at its job! Minimal white powder is needed to effectively remove oil and leave your hair feeling super soft and clean. There’s a lovely faint scent which helps to make you feel like you’ve just had a blowwave, instead of hastily exiting the gym after a spray and going straight into a meeting! If you’re prepared to spend a little more, definitely try this one – and the whole range!

So, do you agree with me?

What is your favourite budget or salon dry shampoo?

Would love to hear your thoughts!





Unico Hair Products

My latest article for Onya Magazine is all about the delightfully funky, modern and massively effective hair care range, Unico.

Unico’s creator, Sofia Basile, decided that three kids and three Unico hair salons just weren’t enough – why not create a hair care range as well? Well, when you come up with something as great as this, why not!

Unico formulations are all-natural, contain natural essential oils and are packaged in environmentally friendly containers.

To hear from Sofia herself and read my review of Unico’s products, click here.

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