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My foray into Shapewear

When I first voiced my desire for shapewear, it was met with mixed reactions. My mum said I was ridiculous and was ready to ship me off to some kind of body dysmorphia clinic. Boyfriend gave apathetic sort of shrug, realising his opinion wasn’t really going to have much influence. However, a friend was all for it, professing her love for hers and how everything feels “tight and hard” under dresses. I was sold.

It wasn’t a matter of size really. As a relatively slim (size 10) girl, there a still bits that wobble, and lumps that bump. All fine; but under slim-fitting party dresses, it would be nice to feel…enclosed? And with this year being the year of the 21sts – it’s a sound cost-per-wear investment. I’m going to be in and out of too many party dresses this year to remember!

With my first of the year held last Saturday, I set off in search of my first set of shapewear early that morning. First stop was La Senza (note to La Senza: please open a store in Melbourne as I do love your wares. Please.) where I found a nice selection of tummy control briefs, seamless underwear and bras, and thigh and bottom control shorts. Those were the ones I had my eyes on. Reasonably priced at $49.95, ( I wasn’t prepared to spend much more than that) they have both nude and black options. I tried both, as a tug on their legs led me to believe that the black was tighter than the nude, and I wanted to check I wasn’t going crazy. Sure enough, the black certainly was more restrictive, proved in the fact that it took me an extra 2 minutes to get the thing on! The La Senza’s were good, and ladies looking for a ‘bottom lift’ would appreciate the extra under bottom control lines that definitely make a difference. Not wanting to settle for first try, I continued on.

Next stop was Bras N Things, who I was sure would have an excellent selection of shapewear. I was wrong. Their range of products was more extensive than La Senza’s, as they included control skirts as well as the usual briefs and shorts, however I felt that the material used was no where near tight enough. A couple of pairs of tights would have been more controlling, and at $59.95 and up, it was the most expensive. Didn’t waste much more time there!

Finally, I found my pair at Target. Having heard about Dr. Rey and his shapewear through the extensive marketing campaign that appealed to the reality star/makeover candidate in all of us, I found their control shorts to be excellent. The material was the perfect amount of control, and the top band was the highest that I had seen. Two birds with one pant – tummy and thighs! After the acrobat-like effort required to get into the thing; thighs, bottom and stomach felt firm and held in – just the feeling I was after. At a bargain $39.95, I was sold. Other bonuses were the complete lack of ‘sausage effect’ that sometimes happens, (think the material cutting into your leg where it ends) even when I pulled the legs up to match the length of my dress. I won’t lie, the compression around the bottom of my ribs (where the top ends) took a slight getting used to, but overall I was extremely happy with the Target option. Loved not having to be conscious of ‘sucking in’ after a few too many cocktails and canapés!

Have you ever tried shapewear?

What brands do you wear?

These were the shorts I purchased. Love! (Image courtesy of


Love a bargain.

I’d had my eye on this silk beaded Sportsgirl jacket for quite a while, and yesterday at Miranda Westfield I discovered it was on sale – and quite a sale at that.

Originally $139.95, marked down to $99 – with an extra 30% off sale stock.


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