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Hair Crush.

Oh, Olivia Palermo. While you may be known for your snitchy-bitchiness and constant name dropping to buffer your seemingly poor efforts in your amazing job, I love you for your style. I couldn’t give a rats if you hate WhitWhit and lunch with Marc Jacobs like, totally daily.

What I do care about is this amazing show of hair WIN. I love it, like most of the stuff she wears, styles, or does with her hair.

It we weren’t just about to head into what I hope is a scorching summer, I’d be racing off to the hairdresser faster than you (or Olivia) can say “I’m besties with Zac Posen.” Lucky for Liv, a freezing NY Winter is rapidly approaching so this darker shade suits the occassion wonderfully. She’s gone shorter, and exchanged her usually blonder locks for a glossy chesnut brunette with what appears to be lighter flicks of balayge at her perfectly curled ends. Sigh. Adore.

Please give me your hair. And glowing skin. And wardrobe. Ta.

I found this picture (and others if you’d like to see the rest of her super cute outfit and pink heels!) on a fashion blog called The Vogue Diaries, so there’s my picture source.

If I’m still keen for a short look come next Winter, I’m definitely trying this out. While I’m normally scared a dark brown will wash me out (it has done in the past), Liv has re-inspired me.

Now just to fly to New York and find her colourist…












Catch ya, scraggy mermaid.

My hair had been of the very long variety for a very long time. About 4 or 5 years. Some people I know cringe at this kind of continuity, but it suited me and my fairly non-experimental style. Nothing too ‘out-there’ or outrageous, no spiky bits and red streaks at any stage of adolescence. Natural looking foils and a little trim, please and thanks.

But recently my hair veered off ‘long and luscious’ and into ‘scraggy mermaid’ status, and I decided to take the plunge. The last few colour sessions had not included a cut, so it was pretty ratty and the longest it had ever been – down to the bottom of my ribs!

Getting inspiration from a few mags, and PRIMPED’s post on ‘new layers’ I came out with my version of short, just above the boob area. Softly softly now, let’s not do anything too drastic – but it is a big deal for me and I am proud of myself for breaking outta my hair rut!

Hopefully this style will shave at least 10 mins off my usual 30 minute blow-dries, and be easy to create that ‘bed-head’ tousled look I love. (Although with thick hair, it’s a bitch to recreate)

My hair, having always looked somewhat like this;

Now looks like this;

I like, but need more 'bed head' to try and avoid 'soccer mom'

What do you think?!

Also, I was sprayed with Redken Fabricate 03, which is a heat-activated texturiser, giving me a tousled look to mess up those slightly-too-perfect ghd curls courtesy of hairdresser. I think I would like a little more tousle though. Thin hair, where art thou?! It also smells DE-LISH, and I’m a sucker for a sweet smell.

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