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Onya Magazine: Summer Essentials Part One

I’m currently composing a Summer Essentials guide for beauty products on Onya Magazine, here’s Part One: Body and Skin Care


Summer, welcome! We’ve only been waiting, oh, 9 months? But you’re here, and that’s what counts. While most of us have had the beach bag and brolly on standby for weeks, don’t worry if the sunshine and its associated beauty woes have crept up on you. Onya has done the hard work for you, sourcing the best and most affordable Australian made and owned beauty products to create a comprehensive list of anything and everything you could need in your beauty bag this Summer. Here’s Part One, Body and Skin Care. BYO mini drink umbrella and see you poolside!

To read the rest of this fabbo article, click here.


Onya Magazine: DIY Pedicure

It’s around this time of year, when the sun finally decides it really does exist, that we start to remember we once wore footwear that wasn’t boots – shocking, I know.

Now that the overly dramatic opening has set the scene, imagine this; the sun is out, those 50% off watermelon coloured sandals you bought on a whim are audibly moaning to be worn. You put them on, begin to marvel in how utterly summery you look when, bam, you notice the state of your feet.

Cracked heels, peeling skin around the nail bed, an all over greyish tinge normally reserved for those being stored in a morgue and soles harder than the sidewalk and you’ve got yourself some pretty scraggy looking tootsies.

I certainly did at least. I say did, because my now baby-soft feet barely remember their ‘winter life’, one of rejection and neglect.

Want to join me on the other side?

Continue reading at Onya Magazine for some fab product pics and DIY pedicure steps, your feet (and everyone else’s eyes) will thank you!

There ain’t a Summer-hue like Tiffany-blue

One of the most exciting things about my time in the US is that it is SUMMER, and I’m a summer-typa-gal. Major bonus for escaping a large chunk of miserable Winter. Yes I know, it’s so romantic – what with the blankets, open fires and red wine. But who has time to hibernate like that day in, day out? Give me some white wine and prawns on the beach any day!

I digress. This post is focused on the hidden bonus that comes with the Northern-Southern hemisphere season switch – the fact that I realised not only will I be basking (SPF protected!) in sunshine (from underneath a hat!) while away, I will also be able to experience the Spring/Summer ’10 trends in current action people.

Australia, being all the way down the bottom and therefore in the Southern hemisphere, has to wait until our Spring/Summer rolls around before we can fully get in the swing of all things S/S. So technically, us Southies are always a season behind. Boo.

Sure, we can brighten up our traditionally dark winter beauty trends with a splash of traditionally bright S/S colours, but I’m sure most people like to get amongst a berry lip and darker shades of polish for the majority of winter time.

That’s why I’m so excited to be over there and dive straight into the pool of candy brightness! Be gone, winter darks, my toe nails are rocking a shade so bright you’ll need, err, shades. (Gotta get my US lingo going.)

What made me think of such a thing? Well, last night I was thrown a gorgeous little surprise gathering for my birthday, just a little early! And I received a box. No, the box. You know the one. The shade alone may make your heart skip. Mine sure does.

You can never replicate the bow once undone... I think Confucius said that..Yep.

And once the party people had left and I was left alone to admire my beautiful new earrings and sweet as pie little blue box, it hit me. I can have this Tiffany-turquoise-blue on my fingers and toes, thanks to Chanel’s inspiring Summer 2010 Le Pop-Up De Chanel makeup collection! (I realise this is in no way ground breaking news, but just me being excited!) In particular, courtesy of #527 Nouvelle Vague. I want!

Bright! Fun! Summer! Chanel!

Here is a colour swatch I found on A Fashion Tale. Isn’t it just a bottle of divine bubble-gum gelato blue?

I may just have to consider it come duty-free beauty counter time…

But how’s a girl meant to pick between the blue or pink?! Too hard! Let’s not even discuss that pretty pink lipstick…

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