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Review: Avon Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation

Somewhere between a tinted moisturiser and a full coverage foundation, Avon Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation has found a comfy home on my face nearly every day.


I’d never used any Avon products before, (no Avon ladies knocking on my door!) so the few goodies we received in the Melbourne Beauty Blogger Event gift bags were the perfect introduction.

I really adore the formula of this foundation, it’s creamy but blends easily for heavier or lighter coverage, depending on what you need that day. I use it when I’m after a ‘causal’ look, when I don’t mind a few spots showing through and just want a natural, ‘this is my own even, glowy skin’ effect. I love the finish too; velvet-smooth and the perfect amount of natural looking luminosity.

I’ll definitely be keen to re-order this when the 30mL tube runs out (it’s lasted near-daily use brilliantly so far) so I’ll either be requesting a near-by Avon rep (oo imagine the scones and tea and beauty talk we could have! Or at least that’s how I imagine it…) or ordering online. You can do both here.

Have you tried Avon products?
Do you have your own Avon rep?
Are you allowed to invite them in for scones and tea and beauty talk?


Review: Nivea Visage Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Tinted Day Cream SPF 15

Oh, how I love a wonder-prod! An ‘overachiever’, keen to do it all for less. Stand up and take a bow, Nivea Visage Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Tinted Day Cream SPF 15 – what a mouthful!

This is a product sure to cause some excitement. Containing the famed and ultra popular (60,000 units sold a DAY) Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle formula to work on your skin during the day, as well as SPF 15+ UVA/UVB protection to stave off new wrinkles from sun damage – this is not your average tinted moisturiser.

RRP $18.89

The colour is perfect, providing light coverage that helps even out any discolorations or uneven patches. I think it’s a great ‘everyone’ shade, as I’ve passed it around to various friends and family with different skin tones and it’s looked fantastic on each of them. Of course, if you have the type of background that is very light or very dark, then this might not work as well.

The forumula is super hydrating and blends into the skin well, and also mixes with other products (eg illuminator) without a problem. It does take a bit longer to dry than you may be used to, so I tend to get started on my hair before going back for a swipe of bronzer – otherwise you end up with the dreaded patch of bronzer where it has stuck to the damp cream! The illumination it provides was well above what I expected, so most days I wear this product alone and revel in my dewy glow.

Don’t believe me? Well, I was just creepin’ the NIVEA website and saw that they’re offering a free sample! Free! Quick, click here.

Have you tried this?
Don’t you love a 189 in 1 product?!

Review: Dermalogica Clean Start Brighten Up SPF15

With my post-teenage breakout prone skin, I do get worried that even though I am fastidious with my cleansers and serums and all manner of potions, I am ruining all my hard work by clogging up my skin again with the wrong moisturiser – especially if I want one that has more on its plate than to just moisturise.

Our multitasking ways have spread to our creams, and why not? Isn’t it better to use one product that can do four things rather than load up layer after layer? But it does worry me that all that tinting and sun-protecting and anti-aging is counterproductive to my number one goal – eradicating these hormone humps.

Therefore it pleased me greatly when I realised that the breakout fighting Clean Start range from Dermalogica – of which I use the Bedtime For Breakouts and also at times the facial cleanser – had their own multitasking genius. Please welcome Brighten Up SPF 15 to the club!


So, it has its main function of moisturising down pat, in a rapidly absorbing and almost instantly non-greasy kinda way – the best way. It has a natural, light-coverage tint to help blend and even out skin tone, including any red marks from pesky pimples. It contains an SPF of 15, perfect for out and about sun protection, but if you’re planning to spend the day in the sun, you will need to step up the SPF factor. It creates a gorgeous, luminous yet not at all glittery glow, something I am definitely all about. And last but not least, I am comforted in that fact that Brighten Up, being from an anti-breakout range, won’t clog my pores and contribute to my skin woes.

Let me just count those winning traits for you – four. It’s a magical four-in-one prod.

Cute Casual Gym Wear. I Love It.

Jerry Seinfeld was on to a good thing.

A great thing even; runners as the daily footwear of choice.

His paring with blue wash jeans and tucked in shirts, once the epitome of 90’s cool, is now highly questionable, but the guilty comfort of an all-day sneaker wearing session lives on.

And this is where the purpose of the ‘cute casual gym wear outfit’ comes in.  Perfect for running errands, cleaning around the house, shopping or attending uni when you have run out of clothes and totally hating on your whole winter wardrobe (like me!)

Aside: It’s imperative that ‘gym wear’ is not the old see-through-in-the-ass leggings you should have thrown out years ago but like to watch TV in – leave that to the army of (shitty)leggings-as-pants wearers infiltrating a shopping centre near you. The purpose is to look decent, not caught out.

You get away with it because who knows? You might be heading to the gym later. Or maybe you’ve been, you fit little gym bunny you, and you’re just one of the 2.3% of the population who don’t sweat when they run. There’s always one of those girls at the gym, smugly accepting the stares of jealousy.

The aim of the game is to disguise your laziness in actually planning a real-life-outfit, and keep the public guessing. Therefore, you makeup must follow suit. Clearly you won’t want to be heading out with your normal sweaty red post-gym face, but a full face o’ slap won’t cut it either. Who goes to the gym looking like a pageant queen? The key is to stick to barely there, glowing natural makeup.

Here’s the makeup look I’ve teamed with the cute casual gym wear outfit I’m rocking today:

I always feel like tinted moisturiser sinks into my skin at unequal rates and by the end of the day, I’m looking a little blotchy with dark patches here and there. I am loving Becca’s SPF 30+ Mineral Primer at the moment, such a yummy smell, oil-free and great for extra UVA/UVB protection!

A light coating of Jane Iredale Dream Tint Mineral Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 15 gives great light coverage and is fantastic for camouflaging any red areas. On days like this, I find mineral based products to be best as they give a sheer, luminous coverage that won’t block your pores when you decide to break into an impromptu jog!

A few dabs of NARS Orgasm Illuminator helps to give your cheekbones that flushed, glowing, I-sure-did-just-run-5-k’s! look. I finish this up with just a light dusting of NARS Laguna Bronzer, because obviously I’ve just been jogging on Miami beach!

I usually leave mascara out, but a swipe will leave lashes just that bit more defined and darker.

The best thing is, it’s like a fake workout. Wearing runners puts an extra bounce in your step and I find myself walking faster and even jogging up stairs, and once I’m home and they’re off, it’s like in my mind I’ve been at the gym all day.

Ahh mind trickery, you’re the best!

Are you a fan of the cute casual gym wear look?
Do you pretend you’re going to the gym?
Never done it? You should! You’ll love it.

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