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Get Germ-Free With Jurlique

Originally published on Onya Magazine.

These frosty days aren’t bluffing; Winter is well and truly on the way. Cue weather-whining from me, and flu-freakout from everyone else.

The last few years have seen a huge spike in the prevalence of antibacterial sanitising hand gels, so much so that it wouldn’t surprise me if someone told me they squirted it on top of their cereal every morning. Yes, being sanitised is most certainly the trend du jour, but admittedly for good reason. I can jest all I like, but you can’t deny that you can almost see the viruses and germs partying like they’re in Ibiza on your morning tram’s poles, and let’s not do too much research into the germs on your keyboard either…really, who has the time or patience to be sick these days?

However, frequent application of traditional sanitisers can dry your hands out – not what you need when the combination of heaters and the crisp cold are already doing their dehydrating. That’s where Jurlique’s new Moisturising Hand Sanitiser blows the competition out of the petri dish. Their native Australian Bush Mint (grown on the Jurlique farm in South Australia) is famous for its natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria 30 seconds after application. And to keep your mits soft underneath your mittens? Safflower seed oil is delivered to the skin in oleosome technology to keep your hands soft and conditioned.

Keep the pump-top 175ml bottle ($19) at your desk (perfect for before and after lunch, or after being on the phone) and pop the 50ml ($10) flip top into your purse for on-the-go cleanliness.

You’ll be Jur-licking your hands they’ll be that clean!


Natio’s New Launches!

Hot hint: They’re fabulous!

This was my write up, originally published in Onya Magazine – which of course you are all avid readers of by now, yes?

Natio Launches Mineral Corrector Range

Blemishes, redness, dark circles, dullness, makeup disappearing by 1pm; you’re a rare specimen if you haven’t found yourself subjected (at least once) to these complexion killers.

Natio, a cult favourite among the Australian made and owned beauty cohort, has recently released a fantastic new godsend of a collection; the seven piece Mineral Correctors range, which includes Pure Mineral Redness Corrector, Pure Mineral Dark Circle Corrector, Pure Mineral Concealer, Pure Mineral Eye Brightener, Pure Mineral Face Illuminator, Pure Mineral Face Primer, and Pure Mineral Eye Primer.

Designed to be ‘edge-free’, the Mineral Correctors range uses light-reflecting liquid mineral pigments to blend the products into the skin, creating a flawless finish that suits nearly all skin tones. This technology makes the collection perfect for natural makeup lovers, as it can be worn with or without, under or above makeup. How about that, correcting all your minor imperfections so you don’t even need to wear makeup!

Natio is the first brand to release a complete range of liquid mineral correctors, which means no more running from one aisle of the store to another collecting all your favourite products.

Containing nourishing ingredients such as Jojoba, Vitamins C & E, and free from talc and parabens the Mineral Corrector range is non-comedegenic (read: doesn’t clog pores) and perfect for all skin types (even sensitive) and all budgets – every item in the seven piece range retails for less than $17.95! And no, that’s not a typo.

Editor’s Picks: After almost a week of trialling the range, I can definitely say that the Pure Mineral Dark Circle Corrector, Pure Mineral Eye Brightener, Pure Mineral Concealer and Pure Mineral Illuminator are just Pure Magic.


Get Berry Beautiful with Natio

Has anyone been outside lately? If yes, you may have noticed the tell tale crunch-crunch of autumn leaves underneath your feet – already! Summer has quickly given way to the beginnings of autumn and winter, and the fastest way to get on board is to immerse yourself in the make up trend of the season; berry.

As fresh berries go out of season and your quintessential summer drink of berry smoothie becomes pricier, you can still get your berry fix with Natio’s Limited Edition Colour Collection; Berry Beautiful.

Featuring on-trend deep, rich and blush tones of berry, Natio has launched their Berry Beautiful collection in two different colour scheme palettes; Soft Berry and Deep Berry.

The all-in-one palettes are a first for Natio, and let’s hope they continue; the chuck-in-your-clutch size features all your need to look on-trend and amazing – three eye shadows, a bronzer and highlighter, three lip gloss shades and three applicators.

The Berry Beautiful Collection also includes two lipstick shades (subtle berry plum and semi-matte deep berry) and two nail polishes in deep berry hues (deep cherry red, and a dark plum) an eyeliner (dark navy) and long-lash mascara.

The option is there to mix and match the shades to your liking; either go soft and romantic or dark and glamorous.

The Berry Beautiful collection is limited edition so get in quick; you should be able to find the affordable range at selected Myer, David Jones and pharmcies now.


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