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Young & Honest

Just picked up Maddy from school.

H: “Hey Mads! Do you like my new hair?!”
M: “Um, no I don’t like it. I told you I hate short hair – so why would you go cut it? Huh?”

Shakes her head at me and walks off.

Ten minutes later:

M: “Well I suppose it’s not that bad.”

Ha! Slowly winning over my harshest critics.


Just ‘cos they’re cute.

So apart from being a Journalism student, I have a few part-time jobs. As you do. A girl can’t live solely on Mi Goreng. My brother, on the other hand, definitely can. Livin’ da life.

One of these jobs is a nanny. Babies, toddlers, small humans – I’ve done them all. But there is one special charge who is hilariously cute, and also a frighteningly dry sponge that readily sucks up any and all information and behavior examples that the Disney Channel and Bratz can throw at her. A marketer’s dream. A mini fashionista, dating expert and beauty queen. To describe her gorgeous nuances and character would a take an entire blog of her own, but I have to share some of her killer quotes, ‘cos people love cute kids and puppies and new baby elephants at Melbourne Zoo right? Possibly.

I think they’re funny anyways.

So let’s call her…Maddy.She just turned 5 years old.

Quietly drawing.

M: “Do you like Chanel Holly?”

H: “Yep, sure do!”

M: “Do you love Chanel ‘Lola’ perfume?”

H: “Lola is made by Marc Jacobs, Mad”

M: “Who is Marc Jacobs?”

H: “He’s a designer.”

M: “Oh yeah, that’s right. I just loveeeee Marc Jacobs! He is so like, design-y and fashion-y and just my favourite. I LAH-UV him. I even scream about him.”

Continues to quietly draw.

Clearly had no idea who Marc Jacobs is. But her reaction brought a giggle, mixed with a look of horror to my face.

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