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New: Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream

My love of Clarins (inherited from my Mother’s red bag of Clarins goodies) has been well documented, so when I heard they were releasing their new Extra Firming Body Cream at the start of May, I got excited.


Skin elasticity is one of those body ‘irks’ that can plague women, no matter what their size. Changes in weight, pregnancy, aging and of course your all-important genes can all contribute to skin slackness. Like anything though, the way you take care of it naturally reflects on the end results, so, quiz up your mum on her trouble spots, and get rubbing!

Personally, I find that I am extremely prone to stretch marks and skin slackness around the top of my thighs and bottom, which I can only put down to weight gain and loss, considering I’ve never had a baby and I’m a few months shy of 22. So, with daily application of Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream (it’s actually become the favourite part of my beauty routine at the moment!) I am hoping to not only repair some previous damage but prevent further stretch marks from joining their mates.

The cream is like a firm, spongy mousse, with the most unbelievably divine scent. I’ve also been applying it to my chest in an effort to keep them firm, and all day I have this lovely, floral, signature ‘Clarins’ scent wafting up, it’s beautiful! After application, my skin is firmer, and extremely well hydrated. Stretch marks, while they can never really go away, really do look better with lots of hydration to help sponge up the area, and avoid that ‘line-y’ appearance.

J’taime Clarins, and their new firming body cream… bravo! Now, it’s shower time, and I’m off to go coat myself in the divine texture and scent of it!


New: OLAY Men Solutions

Skin care solutions for men; skincare wizard OLAY has them, but unfortunately they are still stumped on how to get them to pick up their wet gym clothes from last week or take out the rubbish. Don’t worry, I’ve sent them an email asking if they can come up with a solution for that next..

As everyone knows, OLAY is generally regarded as the best budget (approx under $50) skin care range for quality and results, but it has always been for us ladies; how exciting that your man can now get in on the good stuff!

Recently launched, the OLAY Men Solutions range features six products to target the three main concerns of male skin; oiliness, roughness and dryness, and even the tightest accountant would approve that nothing is over $20!

I am hoping that this range will also include an SPF product in the future, considering that a lot of men are working outside in the harsh Australian sun. ‘Beater tans, ergh!

Your man will look so good the local homewrecker (come on, every town has one) will be thinking, “Olayyy, ooolay, olaay olay! He’s looking hot hot hot!”

Sorry, couldn’t help myself!

My Dad Loves Bon Remede

If this isn’t the best beauty testimonial, I don’t know what is. Forget Justin Bieber talking about his ‘hormones’ in that creepy ad for Proactiv (side note: Justin, please, you are not African-American and therefore your use of ‘dat’ for that sounds ridiculously unwarranted – I don’t care what Usher told you) – this is gold.

A few months ago I posted my review of the fabulous organic skin care range Bon Remede, which you can read here if you missed it. Man this stuff is amazing. Beautiful packaging that you will want to display, and super effective product. Perfection, in anyone’s standards; my Dad’s it seems.

Now, Mr. Curtis considers himself quite the joker. Even if he knows it will get him in trouble and in the stinkiest dog house, he will crack that joke. (Although his penchant for putting dead animals in family members shoes is slightly worrying..) He just can’t help himself. His high pitched uncontrollable giggle let’s everyone know he thinks he is onto a winner, and admittedly, sometimes he is. Like with this email, I was LOL-ing all over the place.

(Back story: Dad has ridiculously dry elbows, so when I found out that this little pot of gold worked like, well, gold I lent it to him. Key word: LENT. So when I wanted it back, he ranted on about how I can barely walk in my room for all the products strewn around, and he was keeping this one. And so for a few months, I would steal it back off him, revel in my soft elbows, and then he would come and search for it, and steal it back. Eventually I just gave up, repressing my sadness about no longer having soft elbows until this email popped up.)

From:     bcurtis@*******
Subject:     Emailing: Lotion testimonial
Date:     1 April 2011 1:44:51 PM

Dear Beauty Editor,

I just want to share with you this fabulous product I have been using.
I’ve never had more youthful hands and graceful elbows.
The only problem now is that I can’t find where to purchase MORE!
Can you help?

Chow Bella!
Kiss kiss…


Yep, this is the picture he took.

The Answer? Well Dad, after your latte and pear danish (oops, ‘meeting’) on Toorak Road, you can pop over to Flowers of Toorak, or maybe the The Graceful Garden in Malvern (see the other stockists here). Or, buy it online here. Too easy!

He is a construction manager, I wonder how this will go printed up on the job site!

Ah, gotta love the Curtis sense of humor… my Uncle is the same.

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