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Swisspers Tanning and Exfoliation Wipes

Twitter is amazing. New friends can be chatted to, news can be found, and giveaways can be scored.

Last week, Simple Skincare ( ) were offering a free Swisspers tanning pack if you ‘retweeted’ an update about the products. Jumping on the chance to try out some new beauty goodies, I retweeted, and was promptly sent a Direct Message asking for a postal address to send the pack to. (For those of you wondering what language I’m speaking – it’s Twitter-talk)

I love and buy Swisspers products so was super excited to see this in my letterbox. The package contained 20 Self-Tan Wipes, and 20 Exfoliating Wipes. What a handy combo, as exfoliation before self-tanning is a must, unless blotches and streaks are what you’re aiming for. Each to their own.

First up, the Exfoliating Wipes (EW). A handy size, they have small blue bumps on the cloth (which are the same material as your average facial wipe) which really give the feeling of a good scrub, yet aren’t too harsh on your skin. I used one wipe for the majority of my body, so the good exfol-per-wipe ratio gets a tick. Another tick? Pleasant scent!

My skin felt smooth and ready for step 2: Tanning Wipes.

Now, to be honest, I wasn’t as thrilled with these as I was with the Exfoliating Wipes. I enjoyed those immensely; these, not so much.

The most frustrating thing with the Tanning Wipes (TW) was that when rubbing over the skin, they tended to roll up as you rubbed, therefore not distributing the tan evenly and screwing the wipe up into a little sausage roll. The EW’s didn’t do this, and that might have something to do with the blue dots? The TW also didn’t last as long during the process. I would say you would need 2-3 wipes to tan your whole body, as the formula dried on your skin, and the wipe, fairly quickly.

The tanning formula also had quite a strong ‘fake-tan’ scent, which most girls (and their male counterparts) agree, isn’t the most pleasant scent. The formula processed into a pretty natural looking tan though, which I was impressed with after the application.

I’m not sure how much these retail for, the Swissper’s website doesn’t say, but being Swisspers I would say it’s not going to break the budget.

Cheap and convenient, you have to love it.

Bare with me, I’ve gotta use this slogan I just thought up, “Just tan and toss!”

Swisspers marketing, you can thank me later!


Rumble in the Jungle (Brew)

I had my appointment for my Aspect Jungle Brew Peel today, and having successfully checked that yes, I do still have skin on my face, I can tell you all about how it went. (BYO hand held fan)

My usual therapist, Jenny, informed me that today the Aspect dermal-therapist (higher ranked than your regular beauty therapist?) would be coming in with her to do a consultation on just what the cupcake was going on with my skin. I’ll tell you – it’s nuts. Hang on – nutz with a ‘z’ because I look like I am 15, not about to celebrate my 21st birthday. Thanks, late onset pimples! Having had a relatively pimple free adolescence, enjoying all the benefits all hassle-free clear skin, I turned 19.5 and BAM, all hell breaks loose. 

Now confined to mainly my chin, everyone’s favourite beauty expert, Zoe Foster reassured me it’s all hormones and will calm down. Eventually. Ergh.

Determined to have glowing, blemish-free skin by the time of my birthday (July) I’m attacking with all artillery I can (afford).

So the peel. Taryn (dermal expert-lady) tells me apart from my breakouts I have PERFECT skin, she can tell I have taken very good care of it (read: fanatical with daily facial sunscreen and nightly serums) and the volume and elasticity is ahhh-mazing. She loved that word. Feeling very smug, and very much enjoying being inspected and fawned over by the two therapists like mold in a petri dish, they conclude the problems lies deep within my skin. Not my fault. Winner.

The Jungle Brew Peel was applied, but being the tough chick I am, I stuck it out with no fan, and with pursed lips, withstood the tingling, burning sensation that spread across my problem areas.

“What’s the pain out of 10?” Taryn asked.

“4” I replied.

“Woo you’re a toughie, I’m gunna have fun with you!”


A few more layers were applied, and I gave in. Fan me. Now.

Less than 20 minutes later, it’s all over and I am checking my face in the mirror. It’s a touch whiter than usual, which Taryn explains is the slight crystallisation of the peel and the dead top layer of my skin. I am told to expect some peeling, have sunscreen applied and I’m on my way.

I’ll keep you posted with any noticeable results (hopefully) and if I wake up with snake skin like debris on my pillow in the morning. (Hopefully not.)

I had this treatment at All You Facial, Skin and Beauty Clinic
I am fairly sure peels come in at around $90. No new clothes for me this week!

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