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Ciccone – Just Another Lippy In Your Bag?

This post was written by the gorgeous and irrefutably talented Katie Found, who just so happens to be my Beauty Writer at Onya Magazine (where this first appeared), and also my room mate. We were both looking for a place, got along soaringly and neither fancied a cardboard box, so here we are – a lovely apartment in Melbourne and far too many beauty products! PS. Can definitely vouch for Ciccone lippies, I adore their glitzy tubes, and Oceanus, being a perfect peach-pink, is not often off my lips!

Whoever posited the above question is either deluded, male…or just giving a bit of lip! If I were to rank the ridiculousness of this question, it would sit neatly between ‘Chanel No. 5: Just Another Scent to Offset Your Sweat?’ and ‘Hermes Scarf: Just Another Square of Material to Warm Your Neck?’. You get my point!

The Onya Beauty Department is a happy little family, so it puts a smile on our lips to hear about other happy little families, such as the Ciccone’s. Helen and Frank gave life to Ciccone Cosmeticsin 2001. Ten years on, their bright-lipped baby is quickly growing into a boisterous, force-to-be-reckoned-with teen. CC is certainly holding its own in the battle with the lipstick heavyweights – watch out Chanel Rouge Coco, Ciccone is coming! Ciccone lippies come in a range of unmissable and oh-so kissable colours. This lippy-obsessed gal is pouticularly taken by Hera, and no, not just because she was the Goddess of women…although that does sound like quite the fabulous role.

Combine hot pink, diamante-laden packaging, Greek Mythological figures, and some naturally beautifying ingredients such as jojoba oil and evening primrose oil, and you’ve got Ciccone Cosmetic’s pout-inducing line of lippies. Used by makeup artists, paraded by celebrities, and adored by all worldwide, it is no wonder why CC is taking the (beauty) world by storm. And, if its staying power in the global makeup market is as strong as its staying power on the lip, then this liptastic range is here for good. Xx Kiss Me Katie Words: Katie Found


Benefit Ultra Shines New Nude Shades!

L-R: Nudie-tude, So Frisk Me, Nookie Nookie and Patootie - RRP: $34

Benefit Cosmetics have released four new delightfully nude shades to add to their already impressive list of wanna-kiss-me Ultra Shine Lip Shines. The perfect nude lip is about as elusive as a Leprechaun the day after St. Patty’s, but with four shades to choose from, I’m sure most ladies will find their HG nude shade.

I’ve been puckering up with Patootie, (far right of the picture) an oyster pink shade that has been working wonderfully during the day with bronzed cheeks, but even better at night; the frosty pinky-nude is the perfect partner for smokey eyes.

Have I mentioned how much I adore Benefit? (Yes, lots, redundant question I know.) From their tongue in cheek campaigns and product names to their never-fail-me prods, they’re definitely at the pointy end of my favourites list!

I’ve found a few other fab nude lip products lately, and I’m so excited to share them.

Patootie kisses,

Holly x






Review: Inika Mineral Liquid Foundation

$59.95 for 30mL


Inika’s Liquid Mineral Foundation was the first thing I have tried from their range, and I have been loving it!

– Creamy and hydrating, it contains rosehip oil and green tea extracts (yeah antioxidants!)

– Certified Organic

– My easily congested skin has not broken out (any more than my usual ‘one on the go’) from using this.

– Super easily blended, I just slap this on and rub and viola! An airbrushed, radiant base stares back at me!

– The plastic tube with pump applicator means no more smashed bottles – although sometimes air does get in and I need to squeeze the tube while pumping to get it flowing out again.

– A heads up for any girls out there who don’t enjoy scented products; this one does have a pretty strong smell… kind of like incense? It doesn’t bother me, but I know there are some of you who are sensitive to scents!


Have you tried any Inika products?

What did you think?

Are there any others that I should definitely try?

Chanel: Here Comes The Beauty Pack Video

Chanel’s new video, from the creative genius that is their Global Creative Director Peter Phillips, (appointed in 2008) is a stop-motion animation that features items of the new collections in different formations. From a futuristic robot to a spider, and finally to my favourite – a model reminiscent of Coco Chanel herself, with a black blush brush skirt.

To me, the video shows the different interpretations, possibilities and evolution of the creative art that is makeup.

I love this video! Such fantastic visuals with catchy music to boot. Although, reports that the music was the one thing Peter Phillips (who, with a background in graphic design, did the animation for the film) would have wanted different; “If it were up to me it would have been disco,” he confesses.

What do you think? Like?

Illamasqua Launches At Chadstone

After their successful launches in Sydney and Melbourne City, last Thursday saw Chadstone Myer the latest department store to be graced with Illamasqua‘s beautiful, imaginative and seductive makeup range.

Illamasqua is cult UK beauty brand that stems from a a desire to provide extremely high quality, HD stage and camera worthy range of makeup to a retail audience. With a slogan like “make up for your alter ego”, Illamasqua is unlike any other brand I have seen or heard of before; their work is true art. A quick look through their collections and what can be done with them will show you that.

“Illamasqua is for the bolder person hiding inside all of us. It is an act and an attitude. A symbol of tolerance. A celebration of idiosyncrasies. A confident statement of self-ownership.” – Illamasqua

For a fairly Plain Jane (it’s even the J in my name!) girl with a classic/neutral/nothing too out there makeup sense, the Illamasqua counter intrigued and scared me at the same time – but only for a second, the intrigue quickly took over to become the overwhelming feeling. I was in awe; from the dolled up makeup artists in full Burlesque costume, to the guests’ faces that they were transforming. It was all amazing and I didn’t know where to look!

Lucky me got a chance for the wonderful Jonathon to have his way with me (girls please, in the makeup artist sense!) and I sat up on the stool like a nervous little school girl. After explaining my blog (in a convoluted and as far from articulate as you can get kind of way, good start Hol..) Jonathon asked me what were were going to do. “Ah, I know you guys do a whole bunch of creative, out there stuff… but I’m too chicken how about you can show me some colours I may have never thought would suit me? I never know!”

Jonathon took a step back and appraised me, and then his gorgeous English accent began to explain that he wanted to create something ‘super matte, powdery, minky, soft tones, sophisticated, editorial‘ and a plethora of other words that sounded like poetry coming from such an amazing make up artist.

So I went from no makeup to a minky, matte, sophisticated model who’d just done a UK Vogue shoot. Ha! I wish.

Jonathon working his magic..

Halfway through my transformation..

The eyes being done, which were a mixture of the powder blusher used on my cheeks, ‘Excite’ (a fluro orange!) and a powder shadow, ‘Incubus’. The inner corners of my eyes featured Excite, which was blended seamlessly into the darker outer of Incubus.

And TADA! The finished look! I was Quite Happy With Myself, as all the shop windows and mirrors in Chadstone will let you know…

Jonathon and Myself

This was such an easy, yet unexpectedly wearable look… The matte, powdery-ness of it was quite a change for me, I a am a sucker for the glowing, illuminated look, and when it comes to eyes, I always seem to go for shimmer. After thinking about this, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because it’s, well, easier? There seems to be room for error when you swipe on a soft cream and then brush some gold shimmer over. Matte? It seems that if you made a mistake, it would be harder to cover up… But after a few of Jonathon’s winning words of wisdom (see below!) – I think I’m going to break out of my rut and try more of a matte, colourful look!

“You don’t have to highlight with shine, you can highlight with tone.”

“Use small brushes to gain control over application.”

“I’m a bit over shine, I think matte looks much more sophisticated. Shine is good at hiding flaws but if you’ve got good skin, try to highlight with matte.”

“You should never see a line in a smokey, smouldery eye!”

“Apply eye powder and press with a short haired brush, then blend with a long hair – you won’t get any fallout that way.”

“Create texture with tone. Who says lip liner has to be darker? Lighter outside creates tone”

“Make up should just make you feel good. There’s so many rules as how to do it, if someone wants to break the rules, let them!”

What a learning experience! I highly recommend you go and visit an Illamasqua counter near you, you will be amazed by what they can do and the products on offer!

A huge thank you to the gorgeous Jacie from You’ve Got Nail for being my own personal paparazzi and taking amazing photos!

Small Haul From My Makeup Mule

With the recent Aussie dollar parity with the US dollar, it’s fair to say that everyone has been going a little crazy with online shopping. Good on them I say! It’s hard to accept such hikes in item prices when explanations like ‘the exchange rate’ no longer apply.

After a recent trip to the US in June/July last year, which meant a month of squealing “it’s so cheap!” or, “that’s half the price it is in Australia” and buying up a few beauty items, I decided I regretted not getting more.

That’s where my gorgeous friend Lexie, (who I met in Paris but is from California and is dating a guy from Bendigo – she’s a global kinda gal), comes in. After a few months in the US, Lexie was coming back to Melbourne to visit. After my initial elation at the news of her visit, my mind turned to ways to exploit the possible vacant volume in her suitcase… She would be my mule.

Come on now, don’t act shocked – you’d do the same. I don’t mean the Mexico city type of mule that involves body cavities and the empty bellies of sharks, just some harmless beauty buying and stowing! Scared of my gang-like hold over Melbourne, she agreed, lucky for her. I jest! I did say please.

But, once I actually had to think about what I should request, my mind went blank! (I also didn’t want to get anything too heavy eg. lots of skin care/liquids)

Here are the items I came up with last minute:

Benefit High Beam

A replacement for my used up bottle. My first and favourite illuminator! The effects of 10 hours sleep and 10 litres of vege juice in a bottle – fake it ’til you make it, I say! Lexie also saw a ‘Benefit To Go’ version for $10 at the check out, and grabbed that too. How perfect for my handbag!

NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna

I requested this in anticipation of my current one fading. A few months ago the ominous silver metal circle that signifies the death of a product began to show, and it was all I could do to stop from tearing up. This stuff nears on $90 dollars in Australia, and I couldn’t justify a re-purchase – until Lexie offered to pop by Nordstrom for me, the doll. Love this bronzer, amazing natural colour with just a subtle gold shimmer.

Philosophy Bath and Shower Gel in Raspberry Sorbet

Have you smelled these shower gels? They are amazing! I believe they’re only sold at Mecca in Aus (for the eyebrow raising price of $38 dollars a bottle – in the US they’re $16!) You should definitely check them out. Rich and creamy, their signature is the incredibly true to life scents of each flavour. Next on my list is Belgian Waffles and Birthday Cake! They even feature a recipe to each flavour on the label.

Benefit Speed Brow

I love the importance of brows, and Benefit Speed Brow is kept in my handbag at all times to tame my wiry hairs lest they ever get out of line! A slightly tinted gel that’s applied by a mascara-like brush wand, Speed Brow is the quick and easy way to make your brows look ‘done’ in a flash. Another re-stock for my collection!

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in r.s.v.p

After trying this shade (and also Birthday Suit) at the Benefit makeup counter, I knew I wanted it. Need, maybe not, but want, definitely! r.s.v.p is a gorgeous creamy pale pink shade with shimmer, and smooths on beautifully for a lasting finish. The intensity is easy built and I can go from wearing it as a pale wash of shimmer to a pigmented base, perfect for blending with browns and coppers.

That’s it I think! Amazingly, all this only cost me about $120. Go the Aus dollar woo hoo! Thank you to Lexie for willingly accepting this no doubt annoying task, I do appreciate it! Now, when are you coming out again? Haha!

Review: Avon Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation

Somewhere between a tinted moisturiser and a full coverage foundation, Avon Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation has found a comfy home on my face nearly every day.


I’d never used any Avon products before, (no Avon ladies knocking on my door!) so the few goodies we received in the Melbourne Beauty Blogger Event gift bags were the perfect introduction.

I really adore the formula of this foundation, it’s creamy but blends easily for heavier or lighter coverage, depending on what you need that day. I use it when I’m after a ‘causal’ look, when I don’t mind a few spots showing through and just want a natural, ‘this is my own even, glowy skin’ effect. I love the finish too; velvet-smooth and the perfect amount of natural looking luminosity.

I’ll definitely be keen to re-order this when the 30mL tube runs out (it’s lasted near-daily use brilliantly so far) so I’ll either be requesting a near-by Avon rep (oo imagine the scones and tea and beauty talk we could have! Or at least that’s how I imagine it…) or ordering online. You can do both here.

Have you tried Avon products?
Do you have your own Avon rep?
Are you allowed to invite them in for scones and tea and beauty talk?

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