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Endota Nail Paint

I’ve started to believe that Melbourne has bipolar. Friday it was almost 30 degrees, and as such I whipped out my denim shorts from the disgrace I call a wardrobe, looked at my hands and decided they needed a dose of summer too. What delivered? Endota’s Nail Paint in ‘Mornington’.  Saturday was 15, with wind and rain, but at least I had my glossy nails to remind me of better times, only 24 hours ago.

Firstly – I love that it’s called Mornington – have to rep the home area, right?! For those of you who haven’t yet ventured down to the Mornington Peninsula, do it! You’ll love it, or I’ll buy you an ice cream for your troubles.

I love the formula, it’s thick and easy to spread onto the nail bed, as well as being super glossy. I almost didn’t put on a top coat as it was shiny enough! Not to mention that only one coat completely did the job, props for the high pigment Endota!

The picture didn’t pick up the colour exactly (it’s always so hard to have nail polish show up as true to life!) but it’s a fantastic pink coral – frivolous but still grown up.



Endota Spa Facial

About two weeks ago, my gorgeous friend Ann-Alyce generously decided to treat us both to a half-hour facial at Endota. Having received her body weight’s worth in gift certificates after her birthday, she thought ‘Hey, what could be a better way to end a day of shopping at Chaddy other than a facial?’ – or something like that. It was also her first facial. Yes – first! I knew she’s had perfect skin her whole life but come on, not even the divine, relaxing type of facial? That’s just a rite of passage, one she was way overdue for.

Luckily, that was exactly what we were in for with our visit to Endota Spa in Frankston (now now, no ‘Franga’ jokes please! Once inside the serene haven that is Endota you forget your outside surroundings completely!) Our time in the client waiting room was the perfect introduction to the Endota experience, with calming music, sink-into-soft couches, peppermint tea and an array of Endota products to test while we wound down before our treatment.

The salon owner warned us that a half-hour facial wouldn’t be enough and she was right. It flew by in what seemed like a blissful 10 minutes, but it’s only us being greedy and wanting more – the facial certainly packed a whole lot into 30 minutes. Ann-Alyce and I were led to a darkened shared treatment room where after getting cosy on the tables, our therapists wrapped blankets from underneath the table around us. Such a comforting and relaxing feeling – repressed memories of being swaddled perhaps?

Our therapists took us through the usual schedule for a facial; cleanse, exfoliate, mask, moisturise – except with the difference of using Endota’s own brand of natural and organic skin care. The double effect of the therapists relaxing touch and the scent of the products made all the difference. Extra points go to my therapist for her lovely added touch of scraping back my hair every time a stage was completed, as I’m a total sucker for having my hair played with!

Once our treatment was completed, we were left to regather our strength to re-enter the real world and soak up the last minutes of the serene with a cup of peppermint tea. I lathered myself in the Endota creams left out for us to use (another winning touch) and we finally, sadly, left. My skin was plump and absolutely glowing, I was one happy girl.

Endota’s half hour facial was $50, and in my opinion a perfect quick exit from your busy life into one of relaxation. Now, if only I had another one booked to look forward to!

Endota Lavender & Alpine Pepper Hand Cream

Since returning home, which in my mind was like being plucked from the beach and dunked into ice water, my hands have shriveled in protest. The icy hair combined with the blast of my car heater has left them tight and dry.

Enter Endota Lavender and Alpine Pepper Hand Cream, which I received as part of the PRIMPED Look Book Event gift bag. I’d set it aside after the event for winter use, forgot about it, and now magically found it again – just when I needed it most! It hasn’t left my hand bag since.

The Lavender & Alpine Pepper scent (I never knew there was such a thing as pepper from the Alpine regions, but there you go) is strangely a great combination; soothing yet invigorating at the same time. Contradictory results, I know.

It’s extremely hydrating, but I wouldn’t say the formula rapidly absorbs. However once it has, it’s non-greasy and you won’t need to reapply for a good few hours, unless you’re craving your Alpine Pepper hit. In that case, go nuts.

Endota gets serious props in my book for using natural and organic all-Australian ingredients, having enviro-friendly and recycled packaging and for donating 1% of skincare sales to Bush Heritage Australia. Something that looks after you AND the Australian environment/wildlife – good one!

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