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Benefit Ultra Shines New Nude Shades!

L-R: Nudie-tude, So Frisk Me, Nookie Nookie and Patootie - RRP: $34

Benefit Cosmetics have released four new delightfully nude shades to add to their already impressive list of wanna-kiss-me Ultra Shine Lip Shines. The perfect nude lip is about as elusive as a Leprechaun the day after St. Patty’s, but with four shades to choose from, I’m sure most ladies will find their HG nude shade.

I’ve been puckering up with Patootie, (far right of the picture) an oyster pink shade that has been working wonderfully during the day with bronzed cheeks, but even better at night; the frosty pinky-nude is the perfect partner for smokey eyes.

Have I mentioned how much I adore Benefit? (Yes, lots, redundant question I know.) From their tongue in cheek campaigns and product names to their never-fail-me prods, they’re definitely at the pointy end of my favourites list!

I’ve found a few other fab nude lip products lately, and I’m so excited to share them.

Patootie kisses,

Holly x







Small Haul From My Makeup Mule

With the recent Aussie dollar parity with the US dollar, it’s fair to say that everyone has been going a little crazy with online shopping. Good on them I say! It’s hard to accept such hikes in item prices when explanations like ‘the exchange rate’ no longer apply.

After a recent trip to the US in June/July last year, which meant a month of squealing “it’s so cheap!” or, “that’s half the price it is in Australia” and buying up a few beauty items, I decided I regretted not getting more.

That’s where my gorgeous friend Lexie, (who I met in Paris but is from California and is dating a guy from Bendigo – she’s a global kinda gal), comes in. After a few months in the US, Lexie was coming back to Melbourne to visit. After my initial elation at the news of her visit, my mind turned to ways to exploit the possible vacant volume in her suitcase… She would be my mule.

Come on now, don’t act shocked – you’d do the same. I don’t mean the Mexico city type of mule that involves body cavities and the empty bellies of sharks, just some harmless beauty buying and stowing! Scared of my gang-like hold over Melbourne, she agreed, lucky for her. I jest! I did say please.

But, once I actually had to think about what I should request, my mind went blank! (I also didn’t want to get anything too heavy eg. lots of skin care/liquids)

Here are the items I came up with last minute:

Benefit High Beam

A replacement for my used up bottle. My first and favourite illuminator! The effects of 10 hours sleep and 10 litres of vege juice in a bottle – fake it ’til you make it, I say! Lexie also saw a ‘Benefit To Go’ version for $10 at the check out, and grabbed that too. How perfect for my handbag!

NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna

I requested this in anticipation of my current one fading. A few months ago the ominous silver metal circle that signifies the death of a product began to show, and it was all I could do to stop from tearing up. This stuff nears on $90 dollars in Australia, and I couldn’t justify a re-purchase – until Lexie offered to pop by Nordstrom for me, the doll. Love this bronzer, amazing natural colour with just a subtle gold shimmer.

Philosophy Bath and Shower Gel in Raspberry Sorbet

Have you smelled these shower gels? They are amazing! I believe they’re only sold at Mecca in Aus (for the eyebrow raising price of $38 dollars a bottle – in the US they’re $16!) You should definitely check them out. Rich and creamy, their signature is the incredibly true to life scents of each flavour. Next on my list is Belgian Waffles and Birthday Cake! They even feature a recipe to each flavour on the label.

Benefit Speed Brow

I love the importance of brows, and Benefit Speed Brow is kept in my handbag at all times to tame my wiry hairs lest they ever get out of line! A slightly tinted gel that’s applied by a mascara-like brush wand, Speed Brow is the quick and easy way to make your brows look ‘done’ in a flash. Another re-stock for my collection!

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in r.s.v.p

After trying this shade (and also Birthday Suit) at the Benefit makeup counter, I knew I wanted it. Need, maybe not, but want, definitely! r.s.v.p is a gorgeous creamy pale pink shade with shimmer, and smooths on beautifully for a lasting finish. The intensity is easy built and I can go from wearing it as a pale wash of shimmer to a pigmented base, perfect for blending with browns and coppers.

That’s it I think! Amazingly, all this only cost me about $120. Go the Aus dollar woo hoo! Thank you to Lexie for willingly accepting this no doubt annoying task, I do appreciate it! Now, when are you coming out again? Haha!

Benefit Full-Finish Lipstick: Saucy!


Those nifty Benebabes have got it so right again with their Full-Finish lippy, with 9 new shades. I was offered the sparkling tangerine shade, Saucy, and it’s won a spot in the black hole that I like to call my handbag. Alright, so there may be 8 lipticks/glosses aready in there but it’s with esteemed company. Plus, sometimes I like to switch shades halfway through the day!

After conquering a bold red lip over a year ago, the next shade on my Lipstick List was orange. Mavens of the beauty world, such as Zoe Foster, had shown me that yes! An orange lip is totally wearable and no, you won’t get stared at in the street. Well maybe, but for all the right reasons.

I was the proverbial kid at the side of the pool dipping her toe in. Excitement in her eyes but a little reserved about jumping in the deep end. Until Full-Finish in Saucy came along just the other day, I had not yet puckered up in orange. The closest I’d been was Bobbi Brown’s Treatment Lip Shine in Nectarine.

Pillow Talk, Shy and Saucy. RRP $34

If you are at the same stage I was pre-Saucy, then I think you and Saucy need to become acquainted! It’s the perfect shallow-end-of-the-pool orange. I imagined orange lipstick to be scarier, say like a full-pigmented, matte-finish bright orange – not with Saucy. She takes your hand and guides you to Trend-town, all the while making sure you look fabulous as YOU, and not a clown.

The formula is ultra-creamy and hydrating, with a slight glossy-sheen to it. This means it comes off on glasses a lot, at least you’ll know which is yours! My lips didn’t get dry once when I was wearing it all day, and the sheerness means the pigment is buildable to your taste. Perfect for beginners! However, if you’re not a fan of any glitter or sparkle, Saucy may be just a little too saucy for you. There’s quite a bit of gold shimmer throughout each swipe, but I think it looks great when teamed with bronzer and a swipe of mascara – burnt orange and gold is so summery, non? I also think it helps to tone down the ‘orangeness’ of it.

How cute is that little card?! It came in the lippy box. This is two swipes of Saucy. So, do you think you could wear her?

To see swatches of the hot pink Pillow Talk shade (one I have my keen eye on getting) pop over to Kim at Plastic Diaries to see her review.



Review: Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner

My acute lack of talent with a liquid eyeliner wand has long been documented, such as in this post oh, and this one, where my wonky wings and shaky hands overshadowed any pride in the final look. And it’s got to be said – liquid eyeliner can make or break a look. More dramatic than pencil or shadow liner, its beauty is in its precision and boldness. Could you imagine Dita Von Teese without it? Any 50’s or 60’s makeup look would be lost without the key player of liquid liner. So, you could guess my frustration at never being able to nail it…

RRP $38

I can say with glee that I’m definitely ‘making it’ now with Benefit’s Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner (offered for review). I had tried a few other brands but I can honestly say I nailed it first go with Magic Ink. I had ripped open the box and hastily read instructions before applying – still in my PJ’s – standing back to admire my work and then hollering round the house showing anyone who would look/care (no one). The gals at Benefit are on to something with their ‘Jimmy Jimmy Dot’ application technique. It’s so simple I could smack myself for not considering it! We were all wicked at joining the dots in our colouring books as kids, so why not have some dotty fun on our eyelids?! Say, “jimmy jimmy” and then DOT a small dot of Magic Ink on your lash line, then join up! The closer together the dots, the easier it is to start off, and it gives a more natural looking finish. As you get bolder, thicken the line as you reach the outer edge of your eye.

The formula goes on super smooth, dries fast, is long lasting and is a glossy, blackest-black shade – I love it! The applicator is a super fine brush, which may be the reason behind my success. All other liquid liners I have tried have been pointed tip applicators, which aren’t as flexible as brushes. The super thin brush also allows me to create a really thin line right to the corner to my eye. It’s important to take the line right across the whole eye, otherwise you can make your eyes look smaller than they really are; basically the opposite effect of what it’s supposed to do! Benefit have even produced a funky how-to video on the two different looks of Magic Ink, natural day and more dramatic night.

This is my result, slightly thickened towards the outer edge of the eye. Don’t even ask me about wings – I’m still hopeless at that, but I’m putting it down to the shape of my eyes! They turn down at the sides, making it too hard to flick up! Still, I need to practice that…


So, how are you at liquid eyeliner?
In the market for a new one?
This one is a winner!

Lip & Cheek Tint-a-rama!

I’ll confess – I was totally scared of lip and cheek tint before I tried it. Too runny, too fiddly, too sticky, too fast setting I’ll end up with red blotches everywhere before I can even get to rubbing it in! Too this, too that and the excuses went on.

I finally wo-maned up to the task of tinting, with my first experience being with a bottle of Benefit’s famed Benetint. The bottle and applicator is the same as my lub-ya-longtime fave High Beam, that is, it looks like a bottle of nail polish and has a brush applicator attached to the lid.

If you’re scared (like I was) of tints the safest and easiest option is to start with the lips. Tints are a fantastic way for those who are keen to start experimenting with a bit of lip colour, but aren’t yet ready for the maintenance and strong pigment that comes with a lipstick. Tints are there to give you a wash of natural, ‘just bitten’ lip colour that’s water resistant and long wearing, so you can apply and go, not having to worry about half-hourly touch ups.

Once you’re competent and confident with using the tint on you lips (you should get to this stage pretty quick smart, it’s just like putting on lipgloss!) you can move on to your cheeks. When I use Benetint ($55), I quickly take the applicator brush and draw an X on my cheek (one at a time) then quickly rub and blend the liquid up into my cheek bone, and again on the other side. No disasters so far, but work fast as the tint will settle in and get to it’s ‘staining’ job quick smart. I have two favourite looks for Benetint, one being a toned down version of the classic red lips and liquid liner look, with Benetint providing a ‘just there’ red for a more day-time take. Secondly, I’ve used it as my fall-back post-big night out look; some pinky-white liner on the inner rims of the eyes, and Benetint to give some colour to my deathly looking pallor.

This is Benefit’s Benetint on the lips, and a light application on the cheeks, which hasn’t shown up that great to be honest.. it was a very light application!

This will last you agesss I've barely made a dint in mine!

Since the Melbourne Beauty Blogger Event, two new lip and cheek tints have made their way into my inner circle, Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon, and Ere Perez Natural Beetroot Cheek and Lip Tint.

The Watermelon Becca Beach Tint ($42) is a much pinker shade than both the other tints, so it’s great for casual day time wear that’s a bit more believably ‘natural’, depending on your skin tone.  It also smells like, you guessed it – watermelon! Good one Becca, I love it! At first, the formula was quite runny and a bit unusable, but after a few goes and lots of shaking, it’s taken on a creamy formula that’s extremely easy to work with.

Getting all beachy with my Becca Beach Tint and sea salt sprayed here! Helloooo summer!

The Ere Perez Natural Beetroot Cheek and Lip Tint in Joy ($29.95) is packaged in a handy roller ball dispenser which is great for applying easily and mess-free to lips, and making sure not too much product comes out! It’s a lot deeper red than the Benetint though, so I might suggest that for cheek application using your fingers as the middle man  to control the colour strength, as once it goes on, it’s not coming off without a bit of effort and ruin to your base! Ere Perez are an all-natural, Australian owned company that also create Vegan-friendly makeup – lots of Eco points here!

Ooo la, the most pigmented of the lot, although it does fade as it wears.

Tip: I’ve always found lip tints rather drying, so it’s important to a) have well hydrated, good condition lips before applying, as you should before any lip product, and b) have a clear lip gloss/balm on hand if things start to get a little tight and crusty! I like to use Nivea’s Essential lip balm, in the blue lid packaging for super hydration that’s not a sticky gloss. On this topic, did you know you can buy Benetint in ulta handy packaging that’s more suitable for on the go? It’s called PocketPal ($39), and is a dual opening lip prod with Benetint on one side, and clear gloss on the other. All your tinting and hydrating problems sorted. Too easy!

How pocket size and handy!

So there you have it, three tried and tested lip and cheek tints at varying price ranges. Surely there’s one there that might coax you out of your scaredy-cave, if I can go and be all presumptuous that you are scared like I was? Or are you a seasoned tinting pro? Do tell.

Benefit’s Lookin’ To Rock Rita

I was super stoked when last week, I won a bottle of Benefit’s Lookin’ To Rock Rita thanks to the hilarious Mrs. Woog. Mrs. Woog had posted on her Twitter account that the first person to call Raj at Benefit would win the bottle. Thinking I would have missed out, as several minutes – ten! –  had passed and you’d be crazy not to jump on such a fab opportunity, I called anyway and surprise – I was the first caller! I spoke to the lovely Raj and it was done – I was the winner of one of the newest gals to move into Crescent Row – Rita!

Now, I love perfume, adore it. Unfortunately I’ve always thought that I was rather rubbish at describing scents, but practice makes perfect right? Besides, scent is a very subjective thing, no? Maybe it’ll help if I use a heavy dose of personification…

Think of Rita as that older Aunt you have (or wish you have) –  the one that always make a dull moment fun, even though your Uncle on the other side is always muttering about her being crazy/loopy/off-the-friggen-hook. Your Uncle’s wife makes snide comments about the appropriateness of participating in extreme sports at such an age, especially when dressed in such ‘young’ clothing. Rita doesn’t care what anyone says, she’s just Rita, lookin’ to rock Rita. As a young child you were never allowed too much unsupervised time with Aunty Reets, ‘cos you just never knew what might happen, a spontaneous trip to the Gold Coast maybe? She always did tell you how fun roller coasters were. She loves citrus fruit smoothies, a vase of freesias and violets on her bench and burning vanilla candles (a little too close to the curtains!) As fun and loopy as some may find her, you always loved her for it, but even more for her innate softness when required. That warm hug and soothing comfort a night spent at her place, wrapped up in the rug she got from that paragliding trip to Guatemala. Nothings as soft and warm as a hug from Aunty Rita.

There, got an idea now? At first sniff, the scent reminded me of a ‘yellow’ perfume, typically associated with ‘older’ perfumes (think Chanel No 5) then burst into action with some youthful floral and citrus notes which danced around before finally settling into a very pretty and soft vanilla floral. Love it!

Have you met Pearl?

No, not your Nan’s bestie, but the newest must-have creation from that winner of a beauty brand, Benefit.

Girl Meets Pearl is an amazing liquid illuminator that hasn’t left my skin for the past few weeks for many reasons.

Isn't she pretty!

The ‘I Love It’ List:

– It’s the perfect golden pink. It’s like Benefit’s High Beam and my NARS Orgasm Illuminator were the stars of Knocked Up, and after one too many there was huge regret but in the end it was fine because hey presto! There’s a gorgeous new baby to love, and her name is Pearl.

– The nifty click and twist applicator dispenses just the right amount, with no mess. A huge improvement on my problem with ‘other’ love of my life High Beam.

– It’s versatile; mix it with moisturiser for a just-there glow, mix with foundation to add extra radiance, pat above or below makeup on your ‘high points’ such as cheekbones, brow bones and cupids bow to illuminate.

-It smells delicious! Raspberry and camomile are the scent of choice for Pearl, and she wears them well!

– Benefit have packed some extra skincare goodies in there for you. Sweet almond seed firms and soothes, while seasame oil moisturises.

Thank you, dear friends at Benefit, for creating such a wonderful product to join my family of illuminators. I know, family rules – you can’t play favourites. But I have the feeling that Girl Meets Pearl will be staying at the top of my beauty bag for a while…

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