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Beauty News: Clinique’s Mascara Swap

Beauty trade-ins seem to be all the range amongst brands at the moment – the premise being that you trade in, or swap, an old item of makeup in return for a free or discounted product from the brand’s range. Sounds genius to me! (And what a way to clear out your dingy makeup bag for some shiny new things!)

If you’re in need of a new mascara to put some life back into your lashes, you’re in luck with the latest offer from Clinique: trade in your old mascara, doesn’t matter how used or old, and they will offer you a consultation and a brand new sample of one of their three best mascaras – win!

Here’s all the details:

And your choice of mascara:




And the Clinique mascara winner is…

Congratulations Miss Chew!

Woo hoo! Congrats! Lady Luck is your BFF! Pretty peepers shall be yours in no time!

Please send me an email with your name and address to: so I can send your prize ASAP Monday morning.

I have really loved the thoughtful and genuine answers this competition has created. Some were funny, adorable and touching and I’m so thankful you shared your memories with me, and everyone reading.

Can’t wait for my next competition!

What was your first beauty memory?

I’m not talking about the first time you saw a lipstick. I mean the first time you remember actively participating in some kind of beauty act. I’ve thought and thought and I think I can pinpoint mine…

Remember the movie Batman Forever? You know, the dashing Val Kilmer as broody Batman, recently joined by the young, carefree Chris O’Donnell as Robin? Classic movie. Great times. And how cool was the Butler, Alfred Pennyworth?!

Anyways, I loved this movie. Adored it – even in the scary bits. I loved all the characters, even the lunatic Joker (major props to Jimmy C on that character), but none more so than Dr. Chase Meridian aka Nicole Kidman. I highly doubt it had to do with the quality of her character but rather the womanly beauty of her, and the way Batman had a thing for her – incognito or not. Plus, her name was Chase, super cool, right?

Which brings me to my first beauty memory. I’m about 6 I would say… standing on a stool in the bathroom, wearing one of mum’s black singlet tops which lucky for me, is the perfect spaghetti strap replica of Chase’s slinky LBD. I’ve found a red lippy from somewhere, which is funny as I never remember my mum wearing any, and carefully applied. My long blonde hair is wavy from being tied up or from air drying, and I’m swishing it around like that minxy Chase does while sitting with the bedsheets. Or if she didn’t – I sure am now.

Swish swish, pout and pose.

Oh hi Chase, you are a vixen!

How embarrassing! Oh, thank god there was no secret video camera in there a la Big Brother. And to think – this was before Britney and the reVAMPed Miley! Good gracious, imagine if I was a child of today – Foxtel and MTV free for all. I would have been bumping and grinding up there on that basin humming Ke$ha.

So, there you have it. My first beauty memory. I sure sound like a self-obsessed sexualised six year old don’t I! Well, I turned out okay, promise. Ten years later might have been a different story…

In the spirit of caring and sharing – what’s yours? Come on, tell me your story and I promise I’m not secretly hoping it’s just as embarrassing as mine to make myself feel better!

No? Too shy? What if there was a brand new Clinique High Impact Mascara in it for your trouble? Yes, you guessed right! My first competition! I know that in the scheme of beauty comps, this is a rather tiny prize but I’m starting small. If this all goes to plan, I have a few more up my sleeve!


All you have to do is:

– Comment this post to spill the deets on your first beauty memory. (Remember to fill in the email address section so I can contact your lucky self)

– Use Twitter or Facebook to write: “I am entering @hollyjcurtis ‘My First Beauty Memory’ comp to win Clinique mascara”

You have to complete BOTH requirements for a valid entry.
The winner will be selected randomly on the 29th October – a week from today.

So, get commenting! I can’t wait to read what your first beauty memory was!

First Thoughts: Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector

This was one of the products that was on my ‘while-in-the-US’ shopping list that I somehow ran out of time to get! Luckily, my boyfriend was still on his man-trip so was of course readily available to pop into Sephora for the left-behind goodies. Of course! The whole point of going on a guy trip is to buy your girlfriend cheap cosmetics from beauty mega-mart Sephora, right? He loved it!

I’m lucky there were very minimal complaints from his end (actually hardly any), because I don’t think my post-holiday budget would have allowed for it  – but in the US it’s basically half price across the whole board of Clinique products – woo hoo!

Whatever dollar you’re living on, from first impressions I think it’s worth it! I’ve been loving Clinique’s Even Better Skin Tone Corrector serum since I started using it about 3-4 weeks ago, interchanging it with my other serum-of-the-moment, GloTherapeutics Renew Serum (part of my anti-breakout artillery). I’ve been wanting to get the benefits of both, so I know not to expect the results from Even Better as soon as promised. To be honest I didn’t notice any difference in pigmentation for the first two weeks. Both serums exfoliate the skin as part of their job, so it’s quite a complimentary duo.

My only concerns with pigmentation are from past pimple scarring (yes, I’m a picker, I know it’s naughty, I can’t help it!) and the one big red mark that’s been my benchmark to gauge effectiveness is now starting to get smaller, hopefully a trend that feels like continuing!

After applying one pump of the white serum (either day and night or just day), my skin is velvet-soft and stays that way all day. My velvet bed, I mean skin, becomes the perfect base for makeup, my foundation sliding on effortlessly. If I’ve had the serum on all night, my skin upon waking is fantastic – super smooth, even toned and pores minimised. If only it would stay like that all day!

Hopefully as the weeks go on I will continue to see some fabbo results, I do have some pretty dark scarring patches so Even Better definitely has its work cut out for it!

And how’s this! That sweetheart boyfriend of mine declined to be paid back when he got home, “No, it’s a pressie, sugarplum-pumpki-pie!”

As if! There’s no way in hell I’d allow a guy to call me that.

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