Review: NIVEA Sun Light Feel Daily Face Veil SPF30+

For those of you who reside in Melbourne, take a look outside your window. See that? Brilliant sunshine! Yipee! I hope you’ve got those legs out girls, because 25 degrees may as well be 35 after the months of misery aka Winter. (Yes, I like to capitalise the seasons – join my campaign!)

So now that it really does seem possible that Summer is on the way, it may be time to think about your current level of SPF protection. As you know, (whether you adhere to it or not) you should be wearing SPF protection every day – even if it is cold and cloudy as UV rays can still penetrate the clouds, damaging your pretty lil’ face.

If you’re exposing your delicate skin to UVA and UVB rays daily, even plying on your potions at night won’t reverse the damage. UV rays are the number one cause of premature aging! But I won’t bang on about facts that I already hope you’re savvy too – let’s get to the wonder prods that prevent said damage!

I received NIVEA’s Light Feel Daily Face Veil SPF 30+ at the Maxted Thomas PR Beauty Blogger Event and have been loving it. Adoring.

What a winner at only $10.99!

It absorbs basically on contact with the skin, disappearing completely with no white/ghosting effect and no greasy residue. Exactly what you want in a daily sun protection product. It doesn’t ball up if I apply my makeup over the top, and acts as a fantastic base.

I’ve even tested it out in the sunshine on a jog, and it didn’t create white rivers of sweat down my chest as other products have done for me.

Wearing a facial sunscreen sometimes makes me nervous as my skin is combination type, and prone to breakouts. Even though the NIVEA Light Feel Daily Face Veil is oil free and non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores) I was still wary as always – but not a single ‘pimpedemic’ since I’ve been using (liberally).

I am definitely going to be stocking up on this winner again soon (almost all gone!) as the temperature rises and the UV rays gain intensity. Anything less than 30+ is just not going to cut it for me!



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